Thursday, July 3, 2008

Art work from school

Betu had got some art work to be done as summer holiday homework. Just about 8 activities. Some were mere coloring, some were tearing colored paper and sticking in the defined areas or alternating colors.

So here are 3 of these activities that I really liked :)

This is a handkerchief which we have painted using Fevicryl (fabric paints) from the sliced vegetables. And you can see the name in the bottom which he painted himself. I first wrote the name using a pencil and he painted over it. We used ladyfinger, bitter gourd and a leaf to make the patterns.

This one is supposedly a wiggly worm which he painted using finger painting and ear bud painting.

And this one is a sun, but obviously *wink*. We first painted the sky light blue and then we tore up yellow paper and red paper to give it a look of the sun!


  1. Such nice work! The sun looks so good! And he can paint so very well. I 'm really amazed! Well Done Anirudh! Puchchas from Mausi too.

  2. Loved all of them. Even I was planning to do this lady finger art with Aryan yesterday(on paper) , but then we got stuck with something..may be next weekend.

    I loved the sun for sure :)

  3. have u thought about getting on the team of art attack??

  4. Thanks guys! Even I liked the handkerchief we did!

    Art: You mean getting Anirudh on the team..right? Well he is too moody to be on any team whatsoever :D