Thursday, March 31, 2011

You are one and a quarter inch in size

Hi Shona baby.

We got to see you again last week. Although it wasn't a situation I would like to repeat. We had a little scare and were very relieved to see you and hear your heartbeat and to know that all is fine. I was on bed rest for 4 days as per Docs instructions and joined back work from this Monday. We will get to see you again in about 10 days time for a 12th week ultrasound. I'm already excited :)

I so eagerly await these weekly newsletters which tell me the developments in you. You are now more than an inch and your body organs are growing rapidly. Your fingernails and toe nails have started forming and fingers are no more webbed. You have fuzzy hair growing on your tender skin. Your legs and arms can flex now.

This Tuesday was your bhaiyya's 7th birthday. I wished him from your side and he immediately kissed you back saying "Thank you!". Sometimes he gets impatient and irritated that why does it take so long for the baby to come out :) He wants to play with you, cuddle you and have you around right away.

(@10 Weeks 5 Days)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You are the size of a kidney bean

You know what? Your fingers and toes have started to take shape now. Your arm joints and knee joints have also formed. You can flex them now.

I was showing your bhaiyya the image of a baby your size and he was so happy. He kisses you a lot every morning. I wonder if you will cry in real life if he kissed you so much? Or would you gurgle and smile? I wonder...

(@8 Weeks 5 Days)

Friday, March 11, 2011

He adores you.

Today morning after your bhaiyya had gotten ready for his annual day in the costume, I hugged him tight and kissed him. I told him "Tum mera sabse paaru jaan hai!" He immediately added "Main aur baby."

And then he kissed my tummy and said a good morning to you :)

I just loved the way he includes you in everything now.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How will you cry?

Yesterday your Bhaiyya wanted to know how would you cry? He was making different sounds of crying and asking me if that is how you will cry.

He first cried in a thick heavy voice to which I said no. Then he cried little softly but I said its still too loud. Then he cried in a whimpering tone which made me laugh and I said I hope the baby cries this softly.

Then he wanted to know if I can hear you crying inside my tummy. I told him the babies do not make sounds while they are in the tummy. But I will be able to feel you move and know when you are hiccuping when you are about 5 months. And after talking about it I was all smiles thinking about and looking forward to that period.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hubby is traveling and Betu doesn't like it one bit that when his papa goes away for long durations. He has been very sad and cried a lot on Sunday when his papa left.

Yesterday morning we continued doing our regular morning activities with no mention of papa. I thought he is fine now and not sad anymore. Well I was wrong. While I was driving him to his school, with a very serious face and tone he asked me "Aapke husband chale gaye hain, aap sad nahi ho?" (Your husband has gone, are you not sad?)

I turned to look at him and I didn't know what to say. It took me a lot of effort not to laugh. I was so amused with the expression...the way he stressed on the relationship between me and hubby.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

You are the size of a blueberry!

Hi Shona baby!

I'm 7 weeks pregnant now and the newsletter told me that your arms and legs have started developing. :)

These are the same arms and legs which I'm going to kiss and love holding; the fingers which you will curl up on my finger :). It makes me so happy to think about the days when I would be holding you in my arms.

You are about half an inch long - about the size of the blueberry.

Your bhaiyya forgot to wish you in the morning yesterday so when I picked him from the daycare, he stroked you softly and said "Good evening baby!" He is so very excited about you.

(@7 Weeks)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We saw you yesterday

We all saw you for the first time yesterday. I got to hear your heartbeat too. It was such a lovely and a comforting feeling. Your bhaiyya was so happy to see you and he was all smiles.

He is trying to be a big brother already. Today he got ready all by himself and was not letting me do anything. He said "Main fir bada bhaiyya kaise banoonga?" (How will I become a big brother?). And when he left for school today he said "Bye baby!".

Yesterday was your Dadu's birthday. We celebrated it here by making puri-subzi and atte ka halwa. As a habit, we all first offer it to the gods and say few lines of prayer. And yesterday after the puja, Anirudh said "Maine bhagwan ji ko bola mujhe boy chahiye." (I asked God for a boy) Me and your papa just smiled. We didn't question it as its a genuine wish he has told us upfront. I'm sure he has reasons and I'm sure he might change his desire multiple of times. But what I'm sure of is he will adore you irrespective of the fact whether you are a girl or a boy.