Thursday, March 31, 2011

You are one and a quarter inch in size

Hi Shona baby.

We got to see you again last week. Although it wasn't a situation I would like to repeat. We had a little scare and were very relieved to see you and hear your heartbeat and to know that all is fine. I was on bed rest for 4 days as per Docs instructions and joined back work from this Monday. We will get to see you again in about 10 days time for a 12th week ultrasound. I'm already excited :)

I so eagerly await these weekly newsletters which tell me the developments in you. You are now more than an inch and your body organs are growing rapidly. Your fingernails and toe nails have started forming and fingers are no more webbed. You have fuzzy hair growing on your tender skin. Your legs and arms can flex now.

This Tuesday was your bhaiyya's 7th birthday. I wished him from your side and he immediately kissed you back saying "Thank you!". Sometimes he gets impatient and irritated that why does it take so long for the baby to come out :) He wants to play with you, cuddle you and have you around right away.

(@10 Weeks 5 Days)

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