Thursday, December 22, 2011

You ARE a big brother!!

My paaru Betu.

I was not there to see your reaction when you were told about your baby sister. I met you a day and a half later post the arrival of your little sister. She was actually very very tiny.

When I spoke to you in the evening, the first thing you asked me "Aap kaise ho?" (How are you?) And the second question was when can you come over to meet me at the hospital and to see your little sister. So next day i.e. on Oct 1 2011, we arranged for your Nanu to pick you up from Faridabad from Anamika bua's house.

I could see a big smile plastered on your face all through the time you were with us. You hugged me and after that your eyes were only for your sister. You wanted to hold her all the time. And once she was sleeping in her bassinet, you kept looking at her. And when the time came for you to go back,  you just didn't want to go back. But since we didn't have your clothes you had to go back. But the next day you came with all your luggage from bua's house and stayed at the hospital. Although none of us, including you, slept that night but we all were a happy family. Happy to be together.

You cuddled with me whenever Nishka was sleeping in her bassinet. You were very curious about my surgery and had tonnes of questions to ask. How many stitches? Did it hurt? How much did it hurt? How long did it take? Did Nishka cry? Has she done pee and poop?....gosh..they were never ending.

I don't remember how many times you said "Yeh kitni cute hai". You were totally enamoured with your baby sister.

You were such a helpful boy. At the hospital, you would help me sit up, getting me things, and would also pat my head so that I can sleep. You were and are such a darling little boy. I love you so so much.

Friday, September 23, 2011

36 Weeks

Hi Shona

I complete 36 weeks today and that brings me one more week closer to your arrival date. It excites me as well makes me little anxious. Anxious because I wonder if I'm ready. I'm ready mentally but not at all if you look at the amount of shopping that is still left for you and for me both. However, at the same time I am somehow hoping you will not make me wait till the EDD given by doc and will arrive earlier.

I saw couple of videos of baby births a while ago. Natural birth, C-Sec birth, water birth and even one twin birth by c-sec. And I cried. Cried while watching each video. I don't know why but I did. The moment they would show the baby coming our or being pulled out from the womb I cried. But frankly I think I cried at the c-sec video, when I saw how they cut and pull and tug at the abdomen muscles to take out the baby, because I was scared. Scared of going through a c-sec. I'm praying really hard that I can manage a regular vaginal birth with you with no complications whatsoever. Rest I leave it to destiny.

I've been feeling slightly better these days when it comes to fatigue. But at the same time I feel like an old granny when I've to change positions. For e.g. sitting up from a lying position or standing up if i was sitting so on and so forth. It takes me few moments to get my body to do the desired action. And once I stand up, it again takes a few moments before I can take a step forward. I'm sure you can imagine my current state now :)

And to add to this granny state, couple of days ago while stretching my legs, I got a nerve pull in my left leg at the calf area and its been 3 days and it still hurts to put pressure on that foot when walking. I'm literally limping. It was around 3:15 AM when it happened and I had a real hard time waking your dad to rub the area as I wasn't able to reach it as I was lying down. I teased him how would I manage to wake him when it is time to go to the hospital. He went one step ahead and asked me to keep a bottle of water next to me and pour it over his face in case he doesn't wake up. I had such a laugh hearing this.Your papa can be really funny at times.

I weigh 65 KGs now. I guess I will gain another 1-1.5KGs by the time I deliver which will bring me to the same weight that I was before I delivered your bhaiyya.

I have to get the hemoglobin test done tomorrow and am planning to slightly delay the doc visit next week. Instead of going on Monday am thinking of visiting her on Friday. If I'm feeling normal, I will go on Friday else may visit on Monday itself.

Love you jaan.

(@36 Weeks)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Conversation between hubby and betu a while back -

Hubby singing the song "Sweety sweety tera pyaar chahida..."

Betu: Aap kyun yeh gaana ga rahe ho? Aapki to biwi hai. Aapko girlfriend thode hi chahiye. Aapki biwi naraaz ho jayegi agar aap girlfriend le kar aayoge.

Me: *dumbstruck* usage of word "Biwi" (wife) and also at his understanding of the fact that either biwi or girlfriend.

Going to be a big brother - 5

The excitement and the wait for your chhotu baby keeps going up and down like waves for you. Like me, you are also getting impatient about babys' arrival and keep asking me why does it take so long for the baby to come out.

In the past month you have been referring to the baby mostly as a girl. As Rakshabandhan was approaching you told me that if the baby is your little sister, I should help her tie Rakhi to you as she would be too small by the time Rakshabandhan comes again next year for her to tie it on your hand on her own.

You wanted to know if the baby will also go to same school as you are going to. And when I affirmed, you went on to tell me that you will take good care of the baby as you will be the big brother. I feel so overwhelmed at your concern about your little baby sibling.

Since you continue to believe that the baby will come out of my navel, as we have not tried to explain you the reality, you try peering through the navel to see inside and take a peek at the baby. And I smile at your innocence. I made you feel baby's hiccups the other day and you started counting them. After a while you suddenly shouted "Bhow Bhow" to imitate a dog barking. Totally surprised, I asked you what was that for. And before you could answer I realised you were trying to use the old age method of getting rid of the hiccups - scare the person who is getting hiccups. And you confirmed my notion but were a little disappointed when the trick didn't work.

Since we usually take us with your for all our doctor appointments, if we go over weekend or your school holiday, you hear everything what doctor is telling us whereas we thought you were totally engrossed in playing on my mobile phone. This became evident when one day your Papa told me about one conversation between you and him. You showed your concern about my low lying placenta and asked your why is it important for placenta to move up. So your Papa explained to you as best he could without going too much into medical details. I guess you understood. So later in the day when you were snuggling with me, you told the baby to kick it and move the placenta up. I get so awed at such a mix of innocence and maturity. I love you my jaan.

Although you don't talk about it often but I can see in some corner of your mind there is angst of being away from me when I stay in hospital after giving birth to the baby. And you either keep asking me the same question as to how many days will I be in the hospital or ask me to confirm if I will be in the hospital for 2 days as I had told you long back. Since you have stayed away from me many a times on your own will lately, I have a feeling its just a temporary anxiety. You will do just fine when the time comes.

Your caring attitude towards me continues and sometimes I feel its growing as the time for the baby's arrival is nearing. Other day I had pain in my wisdom tooth. It was a little late at night and your Papa was already asleep while we both were up reading a book together. You started to massage my jaw from outside to make the pain go away and had a worried look on your face. You kept asking me if you should wake up Papa. But I stopped you from doing so as I had already taken a clove and was hoping for it to relieve the pain soon which it did. However, till the 10-15 min the pain was there, you kept insisting that we should wake up Papa looking at me in so much pain and kept sitting next to me massaging my jaw. What do I say about this love and concern of yours my jaan? Words will never be able to do justice to it. Not even 1%.

And two days ago, on Sunday, I told you I would make pizza at home and you were so excited. And at the same time you told me strictly that I should not over strain myself and take help from Papa. When I told you that Papa has exams coming over and he needs to study and that I will manage on my own, you promptly offered to help me. I gave lots of kisses to you for your thoughts and left it at that. I really didn't think you would remember to help later. But you did. Around 7 PM when you came to the kitchen and saw me chopping vegetables for the pizza, you asked me how you can help me, what are the things that you can do to help. When I tried to send you off by saying thank you for your offer and to go and that I would manage, you told me in a very stern tone that I should listen to you and take your help. You reminded me that I've a baby in my tummy and that I should not exert so much. I hugged you tight, showered lots of kisses and asked you to spread the pizza sauce on the pizza base and then spread veggies and then the cheese over it. You did it all so promptly and did a pretty good job.

When I think back on such moments, I think that I must have done some really really good deeds in the past and then thank God for giving you as my Betu. And I know that these thank yous will never be enough. You are too precious a baby for me. Love you soooooooo much my jaan.

I'm getting a little impatient

As the D-day for our arrival is getting closer, I'm also getting impatient. I so want to hold you, kiss you, cuddle you, see you smile and of course cry too :D

I had my doc appointment yesterday and got to hear your heartbeat. As always it brought a big smile on my face. You are already in a head down position since past 2+ weeks. I asked the doc about your position and she told me that your back is towards my spine. And that explains all the movements that I feel, the nudges of your elbows and hands, the pushing of your knees and legs.

I weighed 64.5 Kg and my BP was slightly on the lower side at 100/50. However, doc was not very concerned.

Since I was having bad side-effects (loose motions to be precise) on oral iron tablets ingestion I had to undergo iron IV infusion last to last week as my Hemoglobin was dropping in every test. So when it reached 10, the doc asked me to get two shots of 200gm of iron done through IV on two alternate days.

On the second and the last day of the IV We had taken a tour of the labour and delivery room as well as the post delivery room in the hospital. We came out satisfied with the cleanliness as well as the hospitable staff. I just hope and pray that the staff is this nice when we are there and need it :)

My food intake keeps varying day to day. There are days when I'm perpetually hungry and there are days when I don't want to eat at all. Those are the days when I eat just because I've too. I despise garam masala in any food item and also zeera. So most of the food is being cooked in mustard seeds. I prefer south Indian cuisine, Chinese and continental stuff more than regular north Indian food. I still don't like to eat sweet stuff. Actually its not that I don't crave for it at all. Eating sweet stuff makes my taste go real bad and I start feeling nauseated. So I intentionally avoid to eat although I may crave for sweet stuff sometimes. Sometimes I give in to some specific mithai and then have to bear the consequences.

Your bhaiyya these days loves to caress you by way of caressing my big tummy. He will lie next to me and keep caressing for few minutes at a stretch and sometimes kisses too.

From the past week, all the newsletter tells me about your growth is that you are getting plumper. That you are gaining fat under your skin. So I guess all the other body growth is complete now and you just have to gain weight. In hte ultrasound at 32 Weeks and 5 days you had weighed 2.1 Kgs. I guess I can safely presume you to be around 2.2 Kgs or a little more currently which is a decent weight. Your bhaiyya at birth was 2.8 Kgs and measured 51 cms. I'm guessing you would also be around the same measurements at your birth.

I prodded the ultrasound doc a lot to find out about your gender but she just didn't tell me as the rules do not allow them to because of the female foeticide rates. So we have to just wait for you to come out in the world to know your gender. Although we all know its immaterial but I can't lie about my curiosity of wanting to know it beforehand. :)

Grow well my bachha.

(@34 Weeks 3 Days)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mumma = Time Machine

A conversation between Betu and his Papa.

Betu: Mumma is like "Time machine".
Papa: How come?
Betu: She knows what has happened even when she is not there and she knows what's going to happen too.
Papa: *laughs heartily*

Me: *rolling my eyes*

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Google zindabad

Conversation between me and Betu yesterday evening

Betu: Mumma dragonfly to hindi mein kya kahte hain? (What is dragonfly called in Hindi?)
Me: I don't know bachha.
Betu: To google karo na...usme sab mil jaata hai. (Google it. You find everything there.)

Yes, my smartypants :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You are such a pyaru jaan

You knew your Papa is not there to help you get ready today. You know that Mumma can't do much these days. And you did all your morning chores on your own. You got ready for school on your own.

I could not have asked for a child more adorable than you, my jaan. I feel so blessed. I love you so much,.

No words can describe what the feeling is. No words.

Monday, August 29, 2011

You are about 16.5 inches long

I got to hear your heart beats last Friday on Aug 26, 2011 my bachku. I always love to hear it. Its the best music for my me such a peace of mind.

I had gone for my fortnightly check that day. Doc told me you are in head down position so that was a big positive news for me. She wrote the 8th month ultrasound which we will get done this week sometime. I had got my hemoglobin test done last week and it came to 10 and because of that she has asked me to get iron infusion done via IV as I'm not able to take iron pills. She said it takes about 30 min for the infusion and I will need to get it done twice on alternate days. And this is when I so so hate needles.

On the day I went for checkup my weight was 64Kgs and BP was 100/60. So all is well in that front. However she feels you are measuring 2 weeks smaller than you ideally should and wants me to take complete bed rest. However, I'm not buying her judgement till the ultrasound report comes and gives a fair idea on your weight and growth.

Yesterday I told your bhaiyya that you are hiccuping and he placed his hand on my tummy to feel your hiccups after I explained to him how they feel like. He was pretty amused and kept saying "Ek aur.." (another one) at each hiccup. After feeling them for couple of times he suddenly went "Bhow" loudly...trying to imitate a dog barking. I was a little shocked as to what brought that about. And then I realised what he was doing. He was trying to use the method to get rid of hiccups generally - by scaring the person having hiccups. I had such a laugh and told him that this technique will not work with you at least till the time you are in the tummy  :)

Your bhaiyya also tries to imitate you when he sees my tummy jiggling because of your movements and asks me if you are kicking like this or boxing like that by his hands and leg movements. He is so so eagerly waiting for you to come.

(@32 Weeks 3 Days)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You are about 16 inches long

I have a mix of feelings these days. A mix of happiness and anxiousness. And both because of the time that is left before your arrival :)

The newsletter tells me you are about 16 inches long and weight about 3.3 pounds. It also told me that you are heading into a growth spurt and you can turn your head from side to side. Your  arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath your skin. It also told me that you are probably moving a lot, too, so I may have trouble sleeping because of the kicks and somersaults. I would like to change the word "probably" to "definitely". I don't think you sleep for more than 8-9 hours in the whole day. Will you be like that once you are out too? If yes, I just shudder at the thought.

There are times when you kind of wedge yourself between my ribs/spine and front of my tummy and push hard. God!! It hurts so much then. And there are times when I feel you are trying to stretch to the max and your legs and arms poke at both the sides making me wince. All said and done, it also gives me the comfort that you are fine. :)

We bought some clothes for you this weekend. Some dresses, some nappies and a sweater for winters. Since it will start getting colder when you arrive, we have to buy full sleeved stuff for you. And it being summers right now we didn't get much options to choose from. So another round of shopping will be done in a months time.

I feel a wave of warmth enveloping me up when I think of holding you in my arms. I feel so happy when I imagine you and your bhaiyya bonding with each other.

Grow up well my bachha and come on time :)

(@31 Weeks 3 Days)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I saw you in my dream yesterday

Hi mumma shoncha.

I hope you are growing really well inside. I can feel you having a gala time by kicking/moving around a lot. Sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes it makes me wince in pain too.

My tummy jiggles so visibly and so many times your papa gets shocked when he feels you moving around and he asks me 'Itni zor se?!" And I just smile. Coz most of the time when he has felt you moving have been the not so strong movements. I wonder how will he react when you are really practicing kick-boxing :)

I saw you in the dream yesterday. I dreamt that I just gave birth to you and it was a very very easy birthing process. I was telling everyone, in my dream, that I had only an hour of labour pains. And how adorable you look. Either it was a very short dream or I don't remember what all I saw as this is all that I remember now. But I was happy when I woke up and thought what fun it would be if it really is a 1 hour show only :D

Your bhaiyya was doing countdown of months as to your arrival and his eyes really sparkled when he realized  its just 2 months away.

About myself, I'm feeling a lot more fatigued these days and that too with doing minimal chores/movements. Sleep cycle is varied..there are days when I sleep through whole night and there are days when I stay awake for 2 hours at a stretch right in the middle of the night.

I feel a lot hungrier these days too. But whenever I see the food I am not interested in eating that. I want to eat something "nice" and "tasty" but what I just don't know. And that really gets to your papa and you can almost see fumes coming out of his ears and nose :D

Your papa has been taking real good care of me...pampering me. He massages my back, rubs oil on the tummy and the stretch-marks, always asks me what I want to eat or do...trying to ensure that I do not have any kind of discomfort. He is so adorable. But trust me, he wasn't like this before you came in my tummy. So I tease him that you are doing all this for the baby and not for me. And then he will retort "Bhalai ka to zamana hi nahi hai!" (there is no value of good deeds these days).

(@29 Weeks 5 Days)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Going to be a big brother - 4

Little less than 3 months and you will be a big brother. And you have been waiting so eagerly for October to come.

I know I've said this million of times before and I say it again - You are such a sweetheart. The way you care for me, the way you talk to me..its just so touching and heartwarming.

You help me in cleaning the dining table after every meal. You take every one's plates and put them in the sink. You ensure no one disturbs me when I'm sleeping. You will talk in whispers with your papa unknowing of the fact that I can still hear you :)

There are days when you really act like a granny to me telling me what to do and what not to do. Other day I was talking to your papa about post baby stuff and in a very serious tone you told me to not get too exited about the baby. A little perplexed when I asked you why you said so, you told me earnestly that when the baby comes out it will be very painful and I would cry a lot. When I laughed hearing that you again remarked  that this is not a joke and I will realise when the baby comes out.

I just hugged you tight my jaan. I love you so much.

The "sleeping-in-your-own-bed" rendezvous has been going good. You sleep in it throughout however you want me close enough to be able to touch me. So for this purpose, we have put your bed at the foot of ours and I sleep with my head next to your bed. Its working good and I'm very proud of you. I realise its not easy for you to suddenly start sleeping separately when you had been sleeping snuggled with me for past 7 years.

You get amazed at the increasing size of my belly and ask in wonder how much more bigger is it going to get. And you roll your eyes when I show you approximately how big I will get. :)

You have already started making plans for me to lose weight once the baby comes out. And the plan is to play basketball with you and your papa and also to play football with you. And to start back my morning walks. I'm sure with such a strict health coach I will definitely lose this pregnancy weight soon.
You keep dangling between whether you want a brother or a sister but mostly you are inclined towards a brother. Your sole reason for wanting a brother is that you feel you will not be able to rough play with your sister. You will have to be gentle with her. You have even thought of the name for the baby in case its a boy and the name is "Arjun". When I asked you for name if its a girl, you told me that I may go ahead and decide that. Thanks for the permission baby :)

I love you my jaan.

You are about 15 inches long

Hi mera shona baby.

It been almost two weeks since I wrote to you. You would have really grown in these two weeks. You would have grown in length by 1 inch and in weight by 200gm. You can open your eyes as well as blink them. You now have eyelashes. And with your eyesight developing, you may be able to see the light that filters in through the womb. The newsletter told me that I would be able to feel your hiccups. Well...I didn't need the newsletter to tell me that as I had long before started feeling your hiccups. Although they are not as pronounced as they were at your bhaiyya's time.

Your movements are going good and strong and you still do not like me to lie on my sides. Although the newsletter told me that I would be able to make out the knees from hands from head and from bums. However, at the max I can figure out your head and nothing else.

My hunger/cravings have started to increase day by day and so has my weight. I weighed myself yesterday and it showed me at 64 Kg. I was sure the scale has conked off till the time your papa stepped on it and it showed his correct weight. That means I have gained more than 2.5 Kg in the past 2 weeks :(

I've been able to eat little bit of milk products these days. Although they make me a little nauseated but at least I do not throw up unlike earlier. I've been gorging on a lot of paranthas and namkeens such as khakhra, namakpara and roasted namkeens.

Your bhaiyya has already decided a name for you in case you are a boy and that name is "Arjun". And in case you are a girl, he has given me the "permission" to decide your name :)

I have my next doc appointment on Aug 12 and I am so eager to hear your heartbeats :)

Grow well my bachha.

(@28 Weeks 5 Days)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You are such a brat already!

Do I sound like a meanie mommy? But that's how I feel you are :)

Two days back you were kicking around and moving so much and continued it over two days. I was hurting all over due to that. The ribs, the back, the pelvic area, the name it and it was hurting. It started on Sunday morning and continued till Monday night. Your papa told me that from the look on my face I was literally in tears. And you bet I was.

I got to you see you again on 11 Jul 2011. I had gone for an additional ultrasound to check if the placenta has moved up as my office is moving to Gurgaon which would mean about 2.5-3 hrs of traveling everyday. I had to check the placenta position and then decide how safe it is for me to travel so much. Since it hasn't moved much and is still quite low (2-3 cms from OS) I would be going to work 2-3 times a week and the rest I would work from home.

In the ultrasound the doc showed me your face in 3-D. You had your right hand on your head as if you were in a deep thought. I wonder if you were already thinking about your life outside? :D

My appetite has really increased in the past few days and I feel like eating every 2 hours. On the day of the ultrasound, my weight was 60.7 KGs at the docs clinic while at home scale it showed me at 61.3 KGs. I'm sure it has increased as the home scale showed me at 61.7 Kgs yesterday. So even if we look at the difference in scales at the hospital and at home, I would have still gained 1+ KGs so far. Your weight as per the ultrasound was 818 gms which is fine as per doc. So again no worries with respect to my low weight gain.

Your papa has been ensuring there are plenty of fruits at home all the time and also that there is lots of variety. I have been having mangoes, pomegranate, Pears, Plums, Apples and once a week coconut water too.

I love to eat Sabudana khichdi and make it almost 3-4 times a week. I also crave for Chinese cuisine but because of MSG I've to avoid it :(

The 26 week newsletter told me that you are about 14 inches long now. With the development of the network of nerves in your ears,  you may now be able to hear me and papa chat with each other. You have also started inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of your lungs. It also said that these so-called breathing movements are a good practice for you when you are born and take that first gulp of air. You continue to put on baby fat.

Your bhaiyya continues to talk to you often and always refer to you as "My Baby". He will ask "Mera baby kya kar raha hai? Ninnu kar raha hai?" (What is my baby doing? Are you sleeping?")

We moved your bhaiyya in a separate bed in our room itself so that he can get used to it before you arrive as you would need to sleep between me and your papa. It took some time but its all sorted out now. There are no tussles or fusses to handle.

Grow well my bachha. We all love you.

(@26 Weeks 5 Days)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I wonder

Hi Shonu bachha!

These days I wonder if you respond to me when I talk to you. Somehow it has happened way too many times when I talk to you, you start squirming or kicking inside. And then I feel as if you are responding to me.

And not just that, so many times when I'm talking about you to either your papa or bhaiyya, you start moving as if you know you are being talked about. I wonder if its just a coincidence or do you really respond to your name "Shona baby". I really wonder.

You are very very very chulbul. But then you are my baby and I was named chulbuli by my school friends and then by my college friends too. :) You have been very very active since yesterday. You were kicking away for good hour and a half at lunch time. Then in evening also you were pretty active for about 30 min. And then at night around 9:30 PM, it took about 2 hours for you to sleep. And then you woke up again around 1:30 AM at night and just wouldn't sleep and thus kept me awake till 3:30 AM.

And you have not slept for more than 1 hour at a stretch since I woke up at 6 AM. Even now as I'm writing this post, you seem to be practicing football and have been at it since the past 40 min at least. Tera kya karoon bachku ram. To kinna bammashu bachha hai!!

Lately your bhaiyya talks to you saying "My baby" and the love in his eyes is so evident. The way he smiles when he talks to you, the way he caresses you, the way he showers you with kisses, the way he tries to tickle you and I have to stop him as it tickles me a makes my heart smile.

The 24th week newsletter told me that you weigh around a pound (450 gm) and are about 12 inches long. Grow up well shoncha!

(@24 Weeks 5 Days)

You are about 14 inches long

Hi Shonu bachha!

These days I wonder if you respond to me when I talk to you. Somehow it has happened way too many times when I talk to you, you start squirming or kicking inside. And then I feel as if you are responding to me.

And not just that, so many times when I'm talking about you to either your papa or bhaiyya, you start moving as if you know you are being talked about. I wonder if its just a coincidence or do you really respond to your name "Shona baby". I really wonder.

You are very very very chulbul. But then you are my baby and I was named chulbuli by my school friends and then by my college friends too. :) You have been very very active since yesterday. You were kicking away for good hour and a half at lunch time. Then in evening also you were pretty active for about 30 min. And then at night around 9:30 PM, it took about 2 hours for you to sleep. And then you woke up again around 1:30 AM at night and just wouldn't sleep and thus kept me awake till 3:30 AM.

And you have not slept for more than 1 hour at a stretch since I woke up at 6 AM. Even now as I'm writing this post, you seem to be practicing football and have been at it since the past 40 min at least. Tera kya karoon bachku ram. To kinna bammashu bachha hai!!

Lately your bhaiyya talks to you saying "My baby" and the love in his eyes is so evident. The way he smiles when he talks to you, the way he caresses you, the way he showers you with kisses, the way he tries to tickle you and I have to stop him as it tickles me a makes my heart smile.

The 24th week newsletter told me that you weigh around a pound (450 gm) and are about 12 inches long. Grow up well shoncha!

(@24 Weeks 5 Days)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You are little more than 11 inches long

Hi Shona bachha

You continue to be a chulbul bachha although sometimes you are very very quiet for long these days (You just moved inside as I wrote this line :D). You still do not like me lying on my sides and start squirming within seconds.

On Sunday afternoon, when I was telling your bhaiyya a story, you were moving around a lot. So I asked your bhaiyya if he wants to feel you and he promptly put his hand on my tummy and you should have seen his wide eyed amused expression as he felt each movement of yours. He caressed you, gave you so many puchhas and even sang couple of nursery rhymes in baby-talk style to make you sleep.

We went to a new doctor in Moolchand Hospital last week as recommended by your Doctor Nana. She was nice and sweet and noted down detailed family history and asked us tonnes of questions pertaining to my first delivery and other aspects of health. She saw all the previous ultrasound reports and prescriptions. When she learnt I am unable to take iron supplement tablet, she suggested various other natural sources of iron that I should add to my diet.

She checked my blood pressure which continues to be 100/60 from the beginning of my pregnancy. I was a little a little disappointed when the weighing scale showed my weight as 60.5 Kg as that means I haven't gained weight as I had been happy that finally managed to gain 1 Kg. But she was not concerned or worried about my weight when I told her what all I eat in a day. More so because she said you are growing well too.

Overall we found her quite thorough but we were still a little confused if she is better or the one we had been going to so far. So I spoke to your doctor Nana again and said that I will have to go by his evaluation of this new doctor from a doctors point of view as we will not be able to judge a doctor's capability from our perspective as he has worked with her when he was in Moolchand Hospital. He confirmed that he feels she would be a good choice looking at her experience and exposure. So your papa and I decided that we will continue showing to this new doctor, Dr. Alka Gujral and will go to Moolchand for delivery too.

(@23 Weeks 4 Days)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Going to be a big brother - 3

You will be one adorable, caring and a very responsible big brother is what I am so sure of already.

We started putting a separate bed in our room and trying to get you sleep on it. You had your inhibitions and were fussy about it moving now. You were insistent that you will sleep on it once the baby arrives. However, we wanted you to start now. So you started sleeping there, on your separate bed but would be cross with us. And invariably in the early hours (around 2-3 AM) you would hop on to our bed and snuggle with me.

I'm OK with it as at least you have started sleeping in your own bed. We still have 4 months to go and am sure you will be comfy with your own bed by then. I've promised you your favourite character bedspread and your papa has promised you a toy of your choice once you completely move to your bed for 1 month.

You really enjoy feeling the baby's movements as they are quite strong now. And I love to see your wide eyed amused expression as you feel each kick and move. You sing rhymes and songs to make the baby sleep. You sing them so cutely like we usually do when talking to a small baby/kid and you keep giving kisses on my tummy.

Since the past week your Dadi-Dadu are visiting and your Anamika bua and your cousins also came over to stay with us for couple of days as summer holidays are on. It would touch me so much how you would get angry when you would see me moving around too much doing or doing house chores. You would ensure I either sit or go and lie down immediately.

You asked me yesterday if I can make burgers for you the coming weekend if I'm not too tired and feeling fine. Bachku..I really don't know how to thank God for giving such a lovely, adorable and pyaru bachha like you to me. I must have done some really really great deeds in my previous birth to have you as my son.

Its not that we don't get angry at each other. So many times we both sulk at each other. But then we both cannot stay apart or angry with each other for too long.

I once told you that you will always be my chhotu paaru baby however old you get. And you promptly said, "Nahi..October se main bada baby ho jayunga." (October onwards I will become big baby). I smiled and said but you will still remain a baby to which you nodded and cuddled with me tightly.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting too smart?

Other day Betu told me he will not have burgers for one month.

Being occupied with something, I simply responded a "Hmm..." As if reading my mind he said "I know what you mean by 'hmm'. You mean 'Let's see...'".

I was a little zapped and couldn't help smiling at his response. :)

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You are such a chulbul bachha

Ohh yes you are. You are constantly moving around and kicking away. For the past week, I can feel you moving around for good 5-6 hrs in a whole day if not more. And I wonder..if you are such a chulbul bachha inside, what should I be prepared for once you are out? :)

Your bhaiyya was a very shaant bachha and looks like you will be totally opposite. I guess God must have thought that I've had too easy a time and its time for me to taste the other flavor too :)

Talking about flavors, my health has been good. I am now able to eat a normal diet now and I have finally gained 1 KG of weight between 20 weeks and 22 weeks. I was 60.3 KGs when you turned 20 weeks and when I checked it again at 22nd week, I was 61.2 KGs.

I've been eating parantha with pickle almost everyday for the past 2 weeks and I guess that can be attributed to this weight gain :) I still don't like to eat sweets or fried stuff. I am eating lots of cucumbers and seasonal fruits such as mango, musk melon, peaches, cherries and apples. Your papa makes awesome nimbu pani for me and I relish it every evening. No one makes it as good as your dad!

(@22 Weeks 5 Days)

Friday, June 17, 2011

You are about 11 inches long

You are 22 weeks today! I almost forgot the count :)

Today a very cute thing happened in the morning. While enjoying nice cool breeze in our living room with your bhaiyya cuddling next to me,  your bhaiyya asked me if you are awake. When I told him no, he started to talk to you wishing you a good morning and asking you to wake up as its morning now. He said "Wake up baby. Subah ho gayee...ab aap uth jayo..." and he said it couple of times in different ways and suddenly you kicked. You actually woke up!! :)

When I told this to your bhaiyya, he was very happy. He gave you a good morning kiss and did "gooji...gooji"  (the sound he makes for tickling) to you. I had to make him stop as I was very ticklish. Then he continued his conversations with you and you responded again.I love this bond developing between you two already. And I hope it stays as amicable even when you both are together :)

The weekly newsletter tells me that you are about 11 inches long and almost 1 pound. Your lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and tiny tooth buds are developing beneath your gums. Your eyes have formed, but the irises still lack pigment. It also tell me that if I could see inside your womb, I'd be able to spot the fine hair (lanugo) that cover your body and the deep wrinkles on the skin, which you'll sport until you add a padding of fat to fill them in. Inside your belly, your pancreas — essential for the production of some important hormones — is developing steadily.

Grow up nice and healthy my shona!

(@22 Weeks)

Friday, June 10, 2011

You are about 10 and 1/2 inches long

Hi shoncha bachha.

You turn 21 weeks today. Your kicks are becoming stronger day by day and the frequency has also increased. The newsletter tells me you are about 10 and 1/2 inches long. And it told me that I may feel as if you are practicing martial arts as your initial fluttering movements turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges. And I so agree with it. :) It also tells me that your eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed now.

You are very active around 5 AM everyday and keep me awake until 6 AM with your movements. And then I want to sleep on although the time is to get up and start the day with the daily chores. You don't like me to lie down on my sides. If I do lie down on any of my side, minutes later you start kicking quite hard and then I've to lie in a position which is midway of lying sideways and on my back with the support of pillows.

Yesterday was your papa's birthday and we went to a nice restaurant by the name of Qube in The Leela, Chanakyapuri. Later on I was generally asking your papa and your bhaiyya if they all had a good time and added that I definitely did. And then your bhaiyya kissed you and asked you if you had a good time too.

I found that so sweet. Something which never crossed either my mind or your papas' - to even think about if you had a good time or not. :)

Love you bachha.

(@21 Weeks)

Monday, June 6, 2011

You are the size of a banana!

Hi Shona.

You have become very active lately and I can feel really strong movements quite a number of times during the day. Your Papa also finally felt you yesterday although your movements were little soft that time. But in the evening when your Bhaiyya felt you, you were kicking really hard. Your bhaiyyas' eyes were wide with amazement as he felt you.

Whenever I tell your bhaiyya that he is my "pyara sa, ladloo sa bachha" he will caress you (by caressing my tummy) and say "Aur yeh mera pyaara sa, ladloo sa baby". He continues to shower you with kisses.

Last week he went with his Papa to watch Kungu Fu Panda 2 and the reason he gave for not taking me along is that "Baby darr jayega" as there will be some fighting and scary animals in the movie. :)

We saw you on 27th May when you had turned 19 weeks. You had your right hand on your head as if you are deep in thought. It is such a pleasing sight to see you moving around and to basically just see you growing well. And the sound of your heart beating is the sweetest sound for my ears.

During the ultrasound, when the doctor was showing your body parts and body organs to us, she told us that you had just passed urine as few seconds ago your bladder was full. Your bhaiyya had such a laugh and he had so many questions thereafter about the peeing and pooping of babies inside the tummy. I told your Bhaiyya how he as a baby had swallowed meconium and he made such a face totally disgusted by the thought of it. :)

The newsletter tells me that you are about 10" tall from head to toe and weight about 300 gm. You have started peeing and producing meconium (a black sticky by product of digestion). The hair on your scalp has started sprouting. Also, your legs and arms in proportion with the rest of the body now.

Your papa continues to take very good care of me. He doesn't let me do anything in the house and is constantly feeding me some fruit or juice and thus keeping me on a healthy regime of food as well. he is pampering me so much that I wonder if I will be able to get back to the routine once you are born or will I continue to be as lazy as I'm these days :)

(@20 Weeks 3 Days)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your bhaiyya felt you

Today morning your movements were pretty strong. I was able to feel them from outside as well. Your bhaiyya was sitting next to me so I took his hand and kept it on the tummy. For few seconds we waited and you finally moved again. Your bhaiyya could feel you. He had a big smile on his face. I waited for him to say something but he didn't say anything. When I asked him if he felt your movements only then he confirmed. He moved around his legs to show how you might be moving your legs around :)

When I told your papa that Anirudh felt you move, he asked me if you were still moving. But by that time you had gone quiet. So your papa is still waiting for the moment. Such a tease you already are Shona :)

(@18 Weeks 4 Days)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I can feel you

Hi Shona baby!

I can feel you since yesterday evening. And I'm 100% sure its you and not anything else.

Earlier when I used to have the similar sensation of movement I wasn't sure if it was you or gas as they commonly say. Now I know that flutter was because of you moving around.

Your movements are not much strong right now. Its just a soft little feeling. I can feel you move only when I'm lying on my back. Or sitting in a way which puts little pressure on my tummy for e.g. folding my legs to my chest.

I'm so happy! Finally I can feel you! :)

Your bhaiyya came back home yesterday night and he has been showering you with kisses since then. Every time he is near me, he kisses you multiple times. He asked me yesterday if I can feel you and when I told him yes, he wanted to know when will he be able to feel you move too. Since I didn't know myself how long will it take to feel your movements from outside, I told him a tentative period of 2 weeks and now he is counting the days :)

(@18 Weeks 2 days)

Friday, May 20, 2011

You are about 5 and 1/2 inches

Hi Shona.

You are 18 weeks now. Am so excited to think I'm almost halfway through. And I guess more excited that I'm just a week away from the 19th week ultrasound. We all will get to see you again!! Yay!!

The weekly newsletter told me that you are busy flexing your arms and legs — movements that I'll start noticing more and more in the weeks ahead. How eagerly I'm waiting to feel them Shona.

Your papa sometimes teases me by mimicking me the way I talk to you. He is so  funny and cute :)

Your bhaiyya is away since the past week to his bua's place spending his summer holidays with his cousins in Faridabad. I'm sure you are missing his daily good mornings and kisses :) I surely am missing him a lot. I so want to cuddle and snuggle with him. He is coming back tomorrow and am feeling quite happy. Also happy that he was able to spend good happy enjoyable times with his cousins.

(@18 Weeks)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going to be a big brother - 2

Hi bachha.

You have been very excited once I shared the news of having a baby in the house soon. You have so many questions to ask and are so concerned about me and my health.

Your papa was not sure if we should take you to our first ultrasound as at 6 weeks the baby looks like just a blob. He thought you might feel the baby would look like a baby even at this stage and might be a little disturbed seeing that its nothing like how you see the full grown babies. But I was somehow insistent and thought that you will understand. Before the ultrasound I had told you that we will not be able to make out anything. And asked you if you still want to go. You said a definite yes. After the ultrasound when we asked you about your reaction you didn't have anything specific to say. But we could see you were happy to be part of it all.

Many a times you started getting ready on your own saying how will you be a big boy unless you start doing things yourself. I can see that you are already imagining yourself in the shoes of a big brother. You understand that there may be a lot of things you will need to do on your own as mumma will be busy with the small baby. When did you mature up so much my pyaru?

Every night at bedtime, instead of hearing the usual stories, you want to hear baby stories. Since I am unable to think of baby stories till the baby arrives, I tell you what you used to do when you were a baby yourself. It excites you and you keep asking me if shona baby will also do the same things as you did. :)

You pick a random age month and ask me what you used to do that age. For e.g. you will ask me what I used to do when I was 8 months old or 1 year 3 months old, so on and so forth. There are some things I remember off hand for others I've to really think hard.

Your biggest concern initially was and I have a feeling it still is, is how will you stay without me when I have to go the hospital to deliver the baby. You ask me again and again how many days will you have to sleep without me. And I can see a sadness on your face when I say maybe 3-4 days. I can understand your concern but at the same time I'm sure you will manage fine. You are already my big bachha.

Love you meetha!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Missing you

Hi bachha.

You have gone to spend few days with your Bua and your cousins since Saturday night. At one hand we feel happy that you are having a good time and on the other hand we miss you around in the house.

And this time your papa also said so. He would never be vocal about it earlier until yesterday. He said "Pata nahi kyun chinta si rahti hai.." (Don't know why but there is a little anxiety in the mind).

I miss cuddling with you in the mornings. I miss your tantrums. I miss your masti. Your questions...our fights...I just miss you my jaan.

But however much I want you to come back ASAP I know you are having a good time. And I want you to enjoy to the fullest. So I'm going to hold on to my feelings and let you come back whenever you want to. Love you sweeta!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going to be a big brother - 1

Hi Meethu, my jaan.

Since last year you have been asking us for a baby again and again. And one day I told you that we will have a baby after you turn 7 years. Later I realised I did a mistake there as you started to announce to the world about it and everyone started to look at me expectantly if I have some news to share whereas I had none.

So two-three months before your birthday you started prodding me how many days after your birthday will we have a baby in the house. And I had to talk to you in detail and explain a lot to let you know that we do not know. You were not happy. In fact you were very angry.

And soon after we realised I was pregnant. Since it was very initial phase we didn't tell you thinking you will be so excited that you will tell the whole world whereas we wanted to wait for at least one month to go by before we share with people other than close relatives. My physical play activities with you were intentionally reduced quite a bit. You were not liking it. We would just say Mumma is not well.

And then one day you got really really angry at me telling me I don't play with you at all these days. And if I'm so unwell why don't I go to a doctor and get medicines. I tried to cajole you, distract you but you would hear nothing of it. And then I told you. It was on Feb 27, 2011. I still remember the expression you had on your face. Although for a few seconds only. Because soon you got back into your angry mode and said that I was lying to you to make you feel happy. It took me good 5 min to convince you it was true. That you were going to be a big brother.

And then your whole mood changed. You were happy in a very different way. You wanted to know when did we do the baby making activity :) And why didn't we tell you when we did. I had no answers for that then but am sure when you grow up you will understand yourself.

You started giving me instructions on the dos and donts. I should sit softly. I should not stand. I should not tell office people as everyone will then come and talk to me and that will make me tired. So on and so forth. I was quite surprised as I didn't know where you learnt all this from.

That day you must have kissed my tummy at least 50 times. And then made it a routine to kiss my tummy or rather kiss the baby every morning and greet the baby saying "Good Morning".

Monday, May 9, 2011

You are about 4 and a half inches long

How eagerly I look forward to the weekly updates from Baby Center telling me the developments in you.

The newsletter says you are 4 and 1/2 inches long. Your legs are more developed and head is more erect and your scalp pattern has started developing although there are no hair yet. Your toe nails have started developing.

Soon I will be able to feel you moving inside and how anxiously I am waiting for it. And I think about 5-6 days ago I did feel your move when I absentmindedly lied down on my tummy. I am 90% sure it was you as it definitely didn't feel like gas.

And its just not me. Your bhaiyya is also eager to feel your movements. Today morning he asked me if he will be allowed to come and meet you at the hospital once you are out of my tummy. And when I said yes, you should have seen the spark in his eyes. I can feel he is also a little concerned how will he sleep without me when I'm in the hospital as he sleeps snuggled into me till date. But I'm sure he will manage. I've heard kids suddenly maturing at such times.

(@16 Weeks 3 Days)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Could I have asked for more?

I just can't describe what I felt when I saw this.

Getting this from a 7 year old is not what I expected at all.

Love you so much my jaan! I love you so much!

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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Friday, April 29, 2011

A rose for you Mumma

Betu has been asking me for buying him clay for almost a week now, reminding me everyday.

Today his papa finally bought him a box. And he made this lovely rose and gave it to me saying "This is for you Mumma!"

I love you my jaan.

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You are about 3 and 1/2 inches

I was very excited to read about the developments in you in the past week. You have learnt to emote - squint, frown, grimace, smile...Wow! Lets see what expression you give me at the next ultrasound.

You have also learnt to pee and may be how to suck your thumb as well.

I worry about the nutrition you are getting from me sometimes as I'm not able to eat much still as the nausea and vomiting continues. I end of throwing up my food approx. once a day. The day I don't, I feel so happy and good.

We do not have a maid and a permanent cook currently and your Papa has been taking really good care of me. He doesn't let me cook or do any of the house chores. The day the temporary cook doesn't come in, like today, he cooks and packs my lunch for me so that I don't have to eat the outside food. And must say, he has learnt to cook really well.

I'm hoping the placenta has moved up a bit in the past week and its perfectly fine at the end of 17 weeks.

You grow up nice and well bachhu.

Love from your Bhaiyya, Papa and Mumma...muaahh!

(@14 Weeks 5 Days)

Monday, April 18, 2011

You are about 3 inches

Hi Shona baby.

We all got to see you on Friday evening. You gave the doctor a tough time to complete the scan as you were moving around so much. By the time she was done with entering data, you would have moved from the position.

Once she was done with her measurements and noting down the required points she showed you to us, me, your bhaiyya and papa. You were moving around a lot and swaying your arms and legs. You waved a "hi" with full hand open. Your bhaiyya was so ecstatic and asked in amazement if the baby (you) can see him.

Doctor told us that you are growing up fine inside. And everything is just fine except that I've a low lying placenta for which she asked me to not walk or stand or exert too much. So next 4 weeks I would be strictly following these instructions.

(@13 Weeks 3 Days)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You are the size of a fig

Hope you are doing well my baby. I will probably get to see you again this weekend or maybe the next.

You are more than 1.5 inches long and almost fully formed. You would now soon be able to open and close your hands in fists. Some of your bones have started to harden. Although you are moving around a lot inside but because of your small size I will not be able to feel it at least for 2 more months.

My nausea has been really bad since the past week. I do not feel like eating anything. So many times I skip my dinner. Although its a sign that all is well with you, I still am sick of being sick :(

(@11 Weeks 4 Days)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't grow up so fast my baby!

I know you turned 7 three days ago. I know you are growing up but don't grow up so fast my jaan. Today your schools started after the session break and your timings changed from 8:30 AM to 7:30 AM. It was a little rushy today as we still have to get used to this one hour early timing. I asked you what you want for breakfast. You matter of factly said "Poha" which remains your favourite since the past 3 years.

After I had gotten you ready, I was about to rush to make your breakfast. You stopped me and said in such a mature tone "Poha mein time zyaada lagega na..aap mujhe bread butter hi de do." I was so touched by your concern and to see you talking like such a grown up mature boy.

I know its not a recent thing. I've seen you acting so much more mature then your age and it brings a lump in my throat. I love you my sweetheart! I love you so much!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

You are one and a quarter inch in size

Hi Shona baby.

We got to see you again last week. Although it wasn't a situation I would like to repeat. We had a little scare and were very relieved to see you and hear your heartbeat and to know that all is fine. I was on bed rest for 4 days as per Docs instructions and joined back work from this Monday. We will get to see you again in about 10 days time for a 12th week ultrasound. I'm already excited :)

I so eagerly await these weekly newsletters which tell me the developments in you. You are now more than an inch and your body organs are growing rapidly. Your fingernails and toe nails have started forming and fingers are no more webbed. You have fuzzy hair growing on your tender skin. Your legs and arms can flex now.

This Tuesday was your bhaiyya's 7th birthday. I wished him from your side and he immediately kissed you back saying "Thank you!". Sometimes he gets impatient and irritated that why does it take so long for the baby to come out :) He wants to play with you, cuddle you and have you around right away.

(@10 Weeks 5 Days)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You are the size of a kidney bean

You know what? Your fingers and toes have started to take shape now. Your arm joints and knee joints have also formed. You can flex them now.

I was showing your bhaiyya the image of a baby your size and he was so happy. He kisses you a lot every morning. I wonder if you will cry in real life if he kissed you so much? Or would you gurgle and smile? I wonder...

(@8 Weeks 5 Days)

Friday, March 11, 2011

He adores you.

Today morning after your bhaiyya had gotten ready for his annual day in the costume, I hugged him tight and kissed him. I told him "Tum mera sabse paaru jaan hai!" He immediately added "Main aur baby."

And then he kissed my tummy and said a good morning to you :)

I just loved the way he includes you in everything now.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How will you cry?

Yesterday your Bhaiyya wanted to know how would you cry? He was making different sounds of crying and asking me if that is how you will cry.

He first cried in a thick heavy voice to which I said no. Then he cried little softly but I said its still too loud. Then he cried in a whimpering tone which made me laugh and I said I hope the baby cries this softly.

Then he wanted to know if I can hear you crying inside my tummy. I told him the babies do not make sounds while they are in the tummy. But I will be able to feel you move and know when you are hiccuping when you are about 5 months. And after talking about it I was all smiles thinking about and looking forward to that period.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hubby is traveling and Betu doesn't like it one bit that when his papa goes away for long durations. He has been very sad and cried a lot on Sunday when his papa left.

Yesterday morning we continued doing our regular morning activities with no mention of papa. I thought he is fine now and not sad anymore. Well I was wrong. While I was driving him to his school, with a very serious face and tone he asked me "Aapke husband chale gaye hain, aap sad nahi ho?" (Your husband has gone, are you not sad?)

I turned to look at him and I didn't know what to say. It took me a lot of effort not to laugh. I was so amused with the expression...the way he stressed on the relationship between me and hubby.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

You are the size of a blueberry!

Hi Shona baby!

I'm 7 weeks pregnant now and the newsletter told me that your arms and legs have started developing. :)

These are the same arms and legs which I'm going to kiss and love holding; the fingers which you will curl up on my finger :). It makes me so happy to think about the days when I would be holding you in my arms.

You are about half an inch long - about the size of the blueberry.

Your bhaiyya forgot to wish you in the morning yesterday so when I picked him from the daycare, he stroked you softly and said "Good evening baby!" He is so very excited about you.

(@7 Weeks)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We saw you yesterday

We all saw you for the first time yesterday. I got to hear your heartbeat too. It was such a lovely and a comforting feeling. Your bhaiyya was so happy to see you and he was all smiles.

He is trying to be a big brother already. Today he got ready all by himself and was not letting me do anything. He said "Main fir bada bhaiyya kaise banoonga?" (How will I become a big brother?). And when he left for school today he said "Bye baby!".

Yesterday was your Dadu's birthday. We celebrated it here by making puri-subzi and atte ka halwa. As a habit, we all first offer it to the gods and say few lines of prayer. And yesterday after the puja, Anirudh said "Maine bhagwan ji ko bola mujhe boy chahiye." (I asked God for a boy) Me and your papa just smiled. We didn't question it as its a genuine wish he has told us upfront. I'm sure he has reasons and I'm sure he might change his desire multiple of times. But what I'm sure of is he will adore you irrespective of the fact whether you are a girl or a boy.

Monday, February 28, 2011

You are the size of a lentil bean

The BabyCenter newsletter arrived late night on Friday and it said "The nose, mouth, and ears that you'll spend so much time kissing in eight months are beginning to take shape." I felt such a wave of happiness reading it. I told so to your papa too and he also smiled such a big smile.

It also told us that if I could see into the uterus, I'd find an oversize head and dark spots where your baby's eyes and nostrils are starting to form. His emerging ears are marked by small depressions on the sides of the head, and his arms and legs by protruding buds. His heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute -- almost twice as fast as yours -- and blood is beginning to course through his body. His intestines are developing, and the bud of tissue that will give rise to his lungs has appeared. His pituitary gland is forming, as are the rest of his brain, muscles, and bones. Right now, your baby is a quarter of an inch long, about the size of a lentil bean.

(@6 Weeks 3 Days)

Your Anirudh bhaiyya knows about you :)

Hi Shona baby! I told your Anirudh bhaiyya about you yesterday. Earlier than I had planned.

It so happened that he was getting angry that I wasn't playing football with him like I usually do over the weekends. I was having bad nausea so was in bed most of the weekend with little or no inclination to do anything. After seeing him so upset, I told him about you. He wouldn't believe me at first. He said I'm lying to him. I repeated that its true but he still wouldn't believe me. It took me about 5 min to make him accept that its true. And he has been so happy and excited about it.

I told him to not tell this to anyone till I tell him as its too early to tell everyone. Ever since then he talks about you in a very hushed tone when the maids are working in the house. He comes and strokes my tummy softly, kisses you by kissing my tummy, and hugs me. He has been giving me instructions to walk slowly, not sit with a big thud but to sit down softly. Once your Papa was talking to me in a loud tone, so your bhaiyya instructed your papa to talk softly. He has told me not to tell anyone at my office also about the baby as everyone will come and stand around me asking me lots of questions which will make me tired.

He has already started thinking of names for you. Today morning when he was leaving for school, he was carrying a pencil and a small notepad in hand. When I asked him the purpose, he said he will write down the names for you in that notepad. I just smiled and hugged him. He immediately took a step back and asked me if hugging will harm the baby and when I said no it won't he came and hugged me but very softly keeping a bit of distance from my tummy. He gave you two pecks in the morning too and said "Kitna cute baby hoga" :)

He also asked me if the baby can feel the kisses, his soft strokes and his hugs. And then he himself answered that baby wouldn't know the meaning of the word "feeling" right now. He asked me if you will go with him to the daycare along with him, and when I affirmed he was happy.

Shona, you are going to be one lucky baby to have such a loving brother.

Friday, February 25, 2011

His quips

The other day I found one of his crocs on one side of the bed and the second on the other side. When I angrily asked him, why are they lying so he said "Un dono mein ladayee ho gayee hai. Isliye ek gussa ho kar udhar baitha hai aur ek idhar." (They had a fight and one is sitting on one side in anger and the other on this side)

All my anger just vanished in thin air :)

The usual symptoms in the first trimester

As this is the first trimester, I'm feeling all the usual symptoms that are to be expected - gets really bad; the gas which feels like something stuck in the diaphragm; weakness when I feel I've literally zero energy left in me. Sleep has already become disturbed.

But then all this shows you are growing fine and that puts a smile on my face despite all these things.

We are planning to have a first dekho at you next weekend and am already feeling excited about it :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Your papa is such a sweetheart :)

He just emailed me this:

"eat something:). I am also having banana "

Its been long...

Actually very long since I posted. Life has been very busy at home as well as at work. Betu has really grown up in these months. The way he talks, the things he does, his quips..they are the same yet they are different.

He has been doing so many things that I actually lost track and never managed to post them here. The level of studies has increased tremendously. I actually feel its too much for a 6 year old.

In extra curricular activities, he still loves doing craft works, he still loves watching his Ben 10. Although Power Rangers is the new rage.

His latest wish it cook a meal for hubby and me with the help of the didi (the maid) and keeps asking us what we want to eat :)

I will try and get myself back to posting here. I loved reading my earlier posts so that kind of motivated me to start writing again. Let's see...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You are the size of a sesame seed

I subscribed to a newsletter at BabyCenter where they will send me weekly updates on your growth and development. And today morning I got my first newsletter and it says that you are about the size of a sesame seed. And that your brain is beginning to grow. :)

I had such a big smile on my face when I read it and it was kind of a comforting feeling...a feeling of satisfaction.

I've been having bad nausea almost throughout the day despite eating little bit every now and then. And sleeping troubles have already started. Not sure why. I wake up many times during the night and it takes good 45 min to 1 hour to sleep again. Your papa can make out from my face in the morning that I'vent had a good sleep and he worries if its some kind of anxiety in my mind because of which I'm not sleeping. But I really don't know what is the reason.

Your papa is taking extra care about me and calls me during the day at least once to check how I'm doing. Your dad is adorable Shona. And so is your bade bhaiyya Anirudh. And we all know you would be too!

Grow well, be healthy and come out in our loving arms on time!

(@5 Weeks 5 Days)

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Shona Baby

That's how I have been referring to to you my little baby.

We learned about your presence in our life on February 18, 2011 when I did a home test. Then we got it confirmed by getting a clinical test done followed by a visit to the doc on Saturday morning.

Your papa and bhaiyya were asleep when I took the test. After the two lines appeared I kept holding the stick for good 2 minutes. I was in a kind of a daze. I was nervous. I kept it near the basin and went out to drink a glass of water. I came again and checked to see if its really true and that I'm not dreaming. 

I didn't tell your dad when he woke up. He happened to notice the stick near the basin when he was brushing your bhaiyya's teeth. He came out and asked me whats the result? I just nodded and he hugged me tight. He understood. Few minutes later while I was busy doing the morning chores he came and kissed me on my forehead and hugged me again.

Your big brother doesn't know about it yet and we are planning to tell him about you when we go for the ultrasound in about 10 days. He is going to be very happy as he has been asking us every now and then to have a baby :)

Your bhaiyya, Papa and Mumma are so happy to have you in our life. You have to get nice and healthy inside my tummy and lets see if you come out in our loving arms before the EDD of October 21 or later :)

Your Nanu, Dadi-Dadu, Chachi-Chachu and Bua-Phuphaji are all so excited. You will love to be in such a loving and happy family.

Your Chachi-Chachu are also going to have a little baby just a few weeks before your arrival so you will have company of someone of your own size too. I can already imagine you both talking to each other in your baby talk :)

Love you lots Shona!