Monday, June 6, 2011

You are the size of a banana!

Hi Shona.

You have become very active lately and I can feel really strong movements quite a number of times during the day. Your Papa also finally felt you yesterday although your movements were little soft that time. But in the evening when your Bhaiyya felt you, you were kicking really hard. Your bhaiyyas' eyes were wide with amazement as he felt you.

Whenever I tell your bhaiyya that he is my "pyara sa, ladloo sa bachha" he will caress you (by caressing my tummy) and say "Aur yeh mera pyaara sa, ladloo sa baby". He continues to shower you with kisses.

Last week he went with his Papa to watch Kungu Fu Panda 2 and the reason he gave for not taking me along is that "Baby darr jayega" as there will be some fighting and scary animals in the movie. :)

We saw you on 27th May when you had turned 19 weeks. You had your right hand on your head as if you are deep in thought. It is such a pleasing sight to see you moving around and to basically just see you growing well. And the sound of your heart beating is the sweetest sound for my ears.

During the ultrasound, when the doctor was showing your body parts and body organs to us, she told us that you had just passed urine as few seconds ago your bladder was full. Your bhaiyya had such a laugh and he had so many questions thereafter about the peeing and pooping of babies inside the tummy. I told your Bhaiyya how he as a baby had swallowed meconium and he made such a face totally disgusted by the thought of it. :)

The newsletter tells me that you are about 10" tall from head to toe and weight about 300 gm. You have started peeing and producing meconium (a black sticky by product of digestion). The hair on your scalp has started sprouting. Also, your legs and arms in proportion with the rest of the body now.

Your papa continues to take very good care of me. He doesn't let me do anything in the house and is constantly feeding me some fruit or juice and thus keeping me on a healthy regime of food as well. he is pampering me so much that I wonder if I will be able to get back to the routine once you are born or will I continue to be as lazy as I'm these days :)

(@20 Weeks 3 Days)

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