Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You are little more than 11 inches long

Hi Shona bachha

You continue to be a chulbul bachha although sometimes you are very very quiet for long these days (You just moved inside as I wrote this line :D). You still do not like me lying on my sides and start squirming within seconds.

On Sunday afternoon, when I was telling your bhaiyya a story, you were moving around a lot. So I asked your bhaiyya if he wants to feel you and he promptly put his hand on my tummy and you should have seen his wide eyed amused expression as he felt each movement of yours. He caressed you, gave you so many puchhas and even sang couple of nursery rhymes in baby-talk style to make you sleep.

We went to a new doctor in Moolchand Hospital last week as recommended by your Doctor Nana. She was nice and sweet and noted down detailed family history and asked us tonnes of questions pertaining to my first delivery and other aspects of health. She saw all the previous ultrasound reports and prescriptions. When she learnt I am unable to take iron supplement tablet, she suggested various other natural sources of iron that I should add to my diet.

She checked my blood pressure which continues to be 100/60 from the beginning of my pregnancy. I was a little a little disappointed when the weighing scale showed my weight as 60.5 Kg as that means I haven't gained weight as I had been happy that finally managed to gain 1 Kg. But she was not concerned or worried about my weight when I told her what all I eat in a day. More so because she said you are growing well too.

Overall we found her quite thorough but we were still a little confused if she is better or the one we had been going to so far. So I spoke to your doctor Nana again and said that I will have to go by his evaluation of this new doctor from a doctors point of view as we will not be able to judge a doctor's capability from our perspective as he has worked with her when he was in Moolchand Hospital. He confirmed that he feels she would be a good choice looking at her experience and exposure. So your papa and I decided that we will continue showing to this new doctor, Dr. Alka Gujral and will go to Moolchand for delivery too.

(@23 Weeks 4 Days)

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