Thursday, April 26, 2012

The first tantrum...

I reached home about 15 min ago. The usual hugging with both the kids happened. Anirudh then took the mobile from me and started to walk off. And the sudden wailing from Nishka started leaving me a little surprised as to what had happened. And then I realised that it was a meltdown for my mobile phone. The moment I took it back from betu and showed it to her, the crying just stopped. Yes. She was crying with tears. And I was so surprised at the tantrum.

I had noticed that she loves playing with my phone when I play the apps I had downloaded for her. But the fascination for the phone was this strong, I realised only today.

Not even 7 months yet...and the first tantrum has already happened. These are the kids of 21st century.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some tidbits about Nishka

Nishka loves it when I or her papa sing to her. When she was a just a few weeks young, she would hate massages and would start fussing and crying. The moment I would start singing the song "Ichak dana beechak dana" she would stop crying and lay quietly. Till date she loves that song and shows off her big smile the moment I start singing it.

And the song "Chun chun karti aayee chidiya" makes her giggle. She loves it the most. So much so that if she is cranky and whiny I just need to start singing this song and she is super happy.

I used to sing "Nanhi pari sone chalee..." and "Palkon par chalte chalte jab oonghne lagti hain.." at her sleep times. But now if she is sleepy and the moment I start singing these songs, she opens her eyes really wide and starts smiling. So I've to keep reminding myself not to sing these songs when she is sleepy. Else she is wide awake.

Talking about her sleep times, whenever Anurag is putting her to bed, he sings "Aaa..." lori to her. And she cutely sings along with him by making "aaaa...." sound herself too. The cutest part is if I'm putting her to bed and not singing this lori she will start singing it herself. :)

She has started babbling a lot these days. Other day she saw a lizard scuttling away on the ceiling and started calling out to the lizard. It was way too cute.

Its been 2 weeks since I started going to work full time and she has started realizing Mumma's absence. The moment I enter home, she gives the biggest smile, starts jumping in the arms of whoever is holding her and  leaps towards me. And in case I don't pick her up immediately she cries in such a heart broken manner..wailing away loudly. And I just cannot hand over her to anyone in case I've to go to the washroom.

Her habit of grabbing everything that she can lay her hand on continues. She gets so excited looking at food or cups in the hands of anyone around her. Other day, while I was talking to betu and passing him chapati, she grabbed my plate and smashed her hands in my khichdi. And quickly started to put her hand in her mouth lest Mumma stops her. And to top it, this was the same khichdi I had tried to feed her couple of minutes ago and she just didn't eat it.

In the past month I've noticed that she has a sweet tooth.. She prefers mashed banana, cerelac or aata seera (thin runny halwa) over khichdi or upma. Looks like she has inherited her sweet tooth from me :)

She weighed 6.8Kgs and measured 66cm in height in her last checkup. If I look at the percentiles she is between 25-50 percentile in both the categories. But then I'm not worried as she is a happy and active child.

These days one has to be very careful when holding her in the lap or in the arms. As sometimes she applies sudden force to lurch forward and if we are not holding her tight, there are very good chances she will slip out of the hands. Bahut naughty bachha hoti ja rahi hai. Par utni hi paaru bhi.

Monday, April 16, 2012

And its back again

The mood swings of Anirudh is what I'm talking about. Remember this post - and this - and ? Almost everything with some addition and some subtraction is back. Everything I tell him to do or not do is responded with a big smirk. Or with an irritated "Achha theek hai na...!!!" He blatantly walks away, completely ignoring what me or hubby are telling him. It has been going on for a little more than a week. So after I had had enough yesterday I told him if whatever Mumma says or does irritates him so much I will not say anything to him. And even at that he got so angry and emotional saying "You don't want to be my mumma....theek hai...jayo..mat bano meri mumma!" And I'm left totally flabbergasted and confused at his reaction.

Kuch karo to problem...kuch nahi karo to bhi problem. I let it go at that moment. And rather for the entire day. I broached it again at night time when he was in bed and I slipped next to him and cuddled with him. And then I asked why is he so irritated and angry all the time? Is something bothering him? Something at school? Or otherwise? But he said he doesn't know himself. I  asked him to think over again and again he said he really doesn't know. I just hugged him tight and said he should talk to mumma if anything is bothering him or to share anything that he would like to. And at that he just snuggled in further closer to me and dozed off within seconds. And today morning the first thing he told me was "Aapse cuddle karke sone mein bahut mazaa aaya." And I just smiled.

I know he is adjusting a lot with me being busy with Nishka when I'm home. I also know he needs me to spend time with him but he doesn't say so because he himself wants me to take care of Nishka..his adorable, cutie sister. He just loves her to bits. I did try to spend more time with him over the weekend. We did go for our morning walk on Saturday but in Sunday he just didn't budge. I tried to reason with him and make him understand about him watching too much TV or playing games on Wii or on the laptop. He simply tells me "I know ..." and continues with it.

But seeing him in a happy mood today morning, I'm hoping for better days ahead.

Coming to Nishka and him, yesterday when he was reading his book and Nishka was lying close to him, she started to grab the book from his hands. And when I was trying to stop her, Betu tells me "Karne do na usko. Main usko mana kar doonga agar zyaada pareshaan karegi." I just smiled and started to click a few pictures. Here is one

And I left them together to make breakfast feeling happy and so contented.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm loving it!

Its been more than a month since I started going to work again. Earlier I would come back 2 hours earlier and since April I leave by 7am and reach home by 6pm. Nishka has adjusted well to this new routine. Although she clings to me when I reach back home in the evenings. Going to the loo becomes next to impossible if she sees me. And since a week she has started this new habit of sucking my cheek as if kissing me when I come back home. The first day it happened I hadn't even washed my face. Second day I washed my face also and again she did that. And now it has become a routine. I just love the way she emotes her love towards me.

With the evening hours being divided between Anirudh and Nishka and not in equal ratio as Nishka is taking away the bigger chunk of it, I feel bad about the little time I'm getting to spend with Betu. I'm trying to think of ways for more bonding time with him over the weekend at least. One thought is to go for morning walks together. Another thought is  to bake something together. He really loves to be there and help me out when I'm preparing something for baking. We haven't painted together in a long time too. As I'm writing this so many thoughts are coming to my mind. So this weekend definitely is going to be good :)

Anirudh is as usual very loving towards Nishka. Other day she was trying to lean backwards when lying in my lap to the point that she would have fallen off if I wouldnt have held her tightly. So I said "Nishku...pitti khani hai?" And Betu immediately said "Usko pitti nahi karna. Uske naam ki pitti bhi mujhe de dena." I felt so overwhelmed looking at his love for her and also thought that this girl is going to be spoilt rotten by such a loving brother.

Nishka has started moving a lot lately..turning sides, flipping over, showing her excitement by moving her legs and hands in excitement. And since a week so many times I have found her at the edge of the bed at night. The first day it happened I felt something touching me near my calf. I woke up startled. And I saw her there, fully awake and touching my legs. I was so surprised as to how she reached there and pulled her up. And put an extra pillow towards the foot of the bed.

And since that day so many times I have found her completely rotated, or again found her near my legs and I've to pull her up number of times during night. And today morning when I woke up at 5:30am I didn't find her next to me and when I looked towards the foot of the bed she wasn't there also. This startled me and as I was about to get up I saw her sitting in hubby's lap. And I asked a little bewildered "What happened?" And hubby replied "Nothing..she was up and playing so I took her in my lap". Then about 15-20 min later when Betu was up too, I saw them lying next to each other with Nishka cuddling with him and babbling away. And these are the moments when I feel such bliss and thank God for giving me such lovely children.

Another new thing that Nishka does lately is trying to grab whatever I'm eating. She wants to eat it too. Funniest part is when the look on her face when she sees me picking something up and instead of putting in her mouth, eating it myself. She will follow my hand with her eyes and after I would have eaten it she would look up at me and start smacking her lips. As if conveying that she expected  I would give her something to eat too. If I'm having water, juice or tea...she wants to hold the glass or mug. If she is in my lap when I'm having my dinner, she tries to grab the plate.

Its so much fun to see her growing up. I'm simply loving the motherhood...once again.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

And we started to have khichdi

I started daliya-daal khichdi for Nishka from April 2nd. That's her evening meal addition. She enjoys eating it so far. *Touch wood*
She gets really excited when she sees the bowl in my hand and its so difficult not to spill while feeding her.