Thursday, April 26, 2012

The first tantrum...

I reached home about 15 min ago. The usual hugging with both the kids happened. Anirudh then took the mobile from me and started to walk off. And the sudden wailing from Nishka started leaving me a little surprised as to what had happened. And then I realised that it was a meltdown for my mobile phone. The moment I took it back from betu and showed it to her, the crying just stopped. Yes. She was crying with tears. And I was so surprised at the tantrum.

I had noticed that she loves playing with my phone when I play the apps I had downloaded for her. But the fascination for the phone was this strong, I realised only today.

Not even 7 months yet...and the first tantrum has already happened. These are the kids of 21st century.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Very sweet. Ella ki behen jo sahi! ;-) Kase nahi Tantrums keregi?! So, they not only show similarities in looks but also habits!:-D
    You know, I also finally bought a red clip for Ella since her hair have grown long. I was thinking on the lines of doing a haircut when my friend said, why don't you buy a clip. And I was like "ooh! ofcourse yes!" Just begining to realise the fun of having a daughter.
    BTW, a lovely picture for the header! I also need to find time and upload one. lots of love to both betu rams!