Monday, June 4, 2012

Got Nishka's ear pierced

I have been thinking of when to get her ear pierced for long. I had figured out that post tetanus shot its fine to get the ears pierced. However after a lot of deliberation we decided we will get them pierced as soon as possible. She turned 8 months on May 30 and on Saturday June 2, we went and got them pierced. We got them pierced at GK1 at the shop Silofer. He used a gold thread which had a gold bead head which is basically an earring too.

She cried for only 4-5mins and was ok later on. She is looking really cute with those earrings. Haven't clicked a picture yet so that would be another post.


  1. This post should be not have been allowed to be published ... without a pic ..pic pls

  2. good point Swati, but I am still happy to know it. But, post a picture soon, please!

  3. she's looking cute in teh pic. Thanks for taking initiative.. i'll now go ahead and get Devaangi's ears pierced.