Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Badmashi ram

Nishka has been showing a lot of changes in her personaility and doing a lot of things since I last wrote.

She was able to sit up herself, but only sometimes, by early June 2012. But since mid of mid of June she can do it quite easily. And now we just cannot leave her on the bed on her own even for 10 seconds.

She still loves to stand and now can stand on the bed for a few seconds without holding onto anything. Till two days back we were guessing that she will start walking by the time she turns 10 months. But since yesterday she has suddenly started crawling. Frankly crawling would not be an apt name. She does it so fast as if she is simply running on her knees.

She has become such a halla-ram. She just can't sit still at all...always trying to lurch, grab, stand and making loud noises. A new game that we have started is we will show her our palm and say "Taali...taali" (Clap..clap) and she will start clapping her hand on our hand. The smile on her face at such times is super precious.

She still doesn't have any teeth yet but looks like we may see some soon as she has suddenly started chewing her fingers all the time and drools so much.

A big change in her is that she has started throwing tantrums lately.  She throws her legs in anger. For e.g. I lay her down when she wants me to be in my godi, the "pair patakna" starts. If she wants my mobile and I do not give it to her, again the pair patakna starts. So you get the drift? I really wonder what's in store for me when she grows up more. Anirudh was such a sweet and calm baby compared to Nishka who is such a chulbuli badmashi ram.

She cries in such a heartbroken manner and with BIG tears if I pass by her and dont pick her up. So much so that there are times when her Dadu comes running to see if she has got hurt to be crying in such a manner and then he laughs when he figures out the reason.

Anirudh plays with her by making funny sounds and faces. He dances and sings for her and she laughs so much. He plays 'roll the ball' using his big basket ball with her and she loves it.

After meeting Avani in Bangalore a fortnight ago, Anirudh keeps saying "Avani kitni pyaree hai..kitni shaant hai. Nishka kitni badmash hai!"

Anirudh has suddenly matured a lot in these few months. The way he talks, the way he demands justification to whatever we are saying...its amazing but also gets a bit annoying especially when we can't reason with him...hehehehe...

He wanted us to buy an iPad for him. So after some discussions on why we cannot buy it, we both agreed that he will save his pocket money (Rs 500 every month) for 20K and the rest we will contribute. And now he calculates and adds up the money at the beginning of every month and also whenever he gets any money from relatives.

We also started another rule where any unreasonable demand for anything has to be paid from his pocket money. For e.g. he wants 2-3 things. We buy him one and the rest has to be bought using his pocket money. So since the money will go from his savings, he doesn't get stubborn about asking for them. Some concept of value of money is getting imbibed this way even though its limited to 'his' money :D

He has figured out how to browse for his toys and games and keeps telling me how much a Wii game CD is costing or how much a toy is available for. And if there is a discount advertised.

Its interesting to talk to him on an adult-to-adult level at times. And then it makes me realise this is my little bachha who has grown up so much.


  1. yes, your first little baby has grown up! I am beginning to feel it here with mine too. :-)

  2. and, you see, I told you she might crawl....:-)

  3. c i told u that Nishka will start crawling.. she is so muchlike Devaangi!! yes seeing them crwal is fun u just need to blink ur eyes to realize that she is gone away crawling :-)