Friday, June 15, 2012

First air trip

Nishka went for her first air trip on June 9, 2012. We went to Bangalore to celebrate the housewarming puja hosted by her Chachi-Chachu.

On the way she was a perfect angel sleeping throughout and waking up only in the last 15 min of the flight. 

She met her cousin Avani after 8 months and it was very interesting to see them together. They both looked at each other for long, maybe a little amused to see someone of their own size. And sometimes they would try and grab each other. They even fought over the mobile phone as both wanted to play with the same one :) Overall it was really cute to see them playing together.

We dressed them both in identical dresses on the housewarming puja day. They both looked really adorable. While Avani has a very sweet, gentle and soft appearance, Nishka on the other hand is totally chulbuli and badmash. It was so difficult to click them because of Nishka. When I sat them both on the couch to click, Avani sat calmly while Nishka kept leaping forward or turning sideways. So I had to further recline her down lest she sits up and that I can click a pic of them together.

She was very clingy to me all the time in Bangalore. And wouldn't go to anyone. On the flight back she was in a super active mode and was trying to hold and pull everything and anything she could lay her hands on. The below pictures are a mini snapshot of what badmashi-ram she was.

Anirudh started running fever the night before our travel. We had to continuously do sponging to bring his fever down. Anurag had returned from his Myanmar trip just a few hours back and was really tired. But neither he nor I could sleep. We anyways had to get up at 4 AM to catch our morning flight. His first two days there were spent mostly in bed and its on the third day that he was finally fine.

So on the whole a short but good trip.


  1. loved the pictures. You can see the badmashi in her eyes.....after all Ella ki badi behen jo hai....:-) pyaru betu!
    lots of love to both bachchas from Mausi.