Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some tidbits about Nishka

Nishka loves it when I or her papa sing to her. When she was a just a few weeks young, she would hate massages and would start fussing and crying. The moment I would start singing the song "Ichak dana beechak dana" she would stop crying and lay quietly. Till date she loves that song and shows off her big smile the moment I start singing it.

And the song "Chun chun karti aayee chidiya" makes her giggle. She loves it the most. So much so that if she is cranky and whiny I just need to start singing this song and she is super happy.

I used to sing "Nanhi pari sone chalee..." and "Palkon par chalte chalte jab oonghne lagti hain.." at her sleep times. But now if she is sleepy and the moment I start singing these songs, she opens her eyes really wide and starts smiling. So I've to keep reminding myself not to sing these songs when she is sleepy. Else she is wide awake.

Talking about her sleep times, whenever Anurag is putting her to bed, he sings "Aaa..." lori to her. And she cutely sings along with him by making "aaaa...." sound herself too. The cutest part is if I'm putting her to bed and not singing this lori she will start singing it herself. :)

She has started babbling a lot these days. Other day she saw a lizard scuttling away on the ceiling and started calling out to the lizard. It was way too cute.

Its been 2 weeks since I started going to work full time and she has started realizing Mumma's absence. The moment I enter home, she gives the biggest smile, starts jumping in the arms of whoever is holding her and  leaps towards me. And in case I don't pick her up immediately she cries in such a heart broken manner..wailing away loudly. And I just cannot hand over her to anyone in case I've to go to the washroom.

Her habit of grabbing everything that she can lay her hand on continues. She gets so excited looking at food or cups in the hands of anyone around her. Other day, while I was talking to betu and passing him chapati, she grabbed my plate and smashed her hands in my khichdi. And quickly started to put her hand in her mouth lest Mumma stops her. And to top it, this was the same khichdi I had tried to feed her couple of minutes ago and she just didn't eat it.

In the past month I've noticed that she has a sweet tooth.. She prefers mashed banana, cerelac or aata seera (thin runny halwa) over khichdi or upma. Looks like she has inherited her sweet tooth from me :)

She weighed 6.8Kgs and measured 66cm in height in her last checkup. If I look at the percentiles she is between 25-50 percentile in both the categories. But then I'm not worried as she is a happy and active child.

These days one has to be very careful when holding her in the lap or in the arms. As sometimes she applies sudden force to lurch forward and if we are not holding her tight, there are very good chances she will slip out of the hands. Bahut naughty bachha hoti ja rahi hai. Par utni hi paaru bhi.


  1. Oh wow, you have a daughter! I used to read your posts regularly, posts about Anirudh. Have been out of touch with the blogging world for a while now. Good to be back on your blog, will continue reading.

    1. Thanks girl. I've been away from blogging world too for a long time. I had just been writing my blog once in a while and that's about it. Yesterday I had some free time in my hands and was blog hopping when I reached your blog and posted a comment :)

      I would also be coming over to your blog often and have blog rolled you on my blog now :)

  2. WOW!!reading about Nishka's activities makes me more eager to meet her. Tiem has started coming when you need to keep all your breakables away from her hands :-) and you know what Devaangi too is very found of chu chu karti aayi chidya :-)
    how similar teh 2 of them are :-) God bless them both

  3. loved this post to the full ! You know Ella slept off while breastfeeding just now and while reading your post about Nishka I started giggling and she started giggling in her sleep too. :-D