Monday, August 29, 2011

You are about 16.5 inches long

I got to hear your heart beats last Friday on Aug 26, 2011 my bachku. I always love to hear it. Its the best music for my me such a peace of mind.

I had gone for my fortnightly check that day. Doc told me you are in head down position so that was a big positive news for me. She wrote the 8th month ultrasound which we will get done this week sometime. I had got my hemoglobin test done last week and it came to 10 and because of that she has asked me to get iron infusion done via IV as I'm not able to take iron pills. She said it takes about 30 min for the infusion and I will need to get it done twice on alternate days. And this is when I so so hate needles.

On the day I went for checkup my weight was 64Kgs and BP was 100/60. So all is well in that front. However she feels you are measuring 2 weeks smaller than you ideally should and wants me to take complete bed rest. However, I'm not buying her judgement till the ultrasound report comes and gives a fair idea on your weight and growth.

Yesterday I told your bhaiyya that you are hiccuping and he placed his hand on my tummy to feel your hiccups after I explained to him how they feel like. He was pretty amused and kept saying "Ek aur.." (another one) at each hiccup. After feeling them for couple of times he suddenly went "Bhow" loudly...trying to imitate a dog barking. I was a little shocked as to what brought that about. And then I realised what he was doing. He was trying to use the method to get rid of hiccups generally - by scaring the person having hiccups. I had such a laugh and told him that this technique will not work with you at least till the time you are in the tummy  :)

Your bhaiyya also tries to imitate you when he sees my tummy jiggling because of your movements and asks me if you are kicking like this or boxing like that by his hands and leg movements. He is so so eagerly waiting for you to come.

(@32 Weeks 3 Days)

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