Thursday, August 11, 2011

I saw you in my dream yesterday

Hi mumma shoncha.

I hope you are growing really well inside. I can feel you having a gala time by kicking/moving around a lot. Sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes it makes me wince in pain too.

My tummy jiggles so visibly and so many times your papa gets shocked when he feels you moving around and he asks me 'Itni zor se?!" And I just smile. Coz most of the time when he has felt you moving have been the not so strong movements. I wonder how will he react when you are really practicing kick-boxing :)

I saw you in the dream yesterday. I dreamt that I just gave birth to you and it was a very very easy birthing process. I was telling everyone, in my dream, that I had only an hour of labour pains. And how adorable you look. Either it was a very short dream or I don't remember what all I saw as this is all that I remember now. But I was happy when I woke up and thought what fun it would be if it really is a 1 hour show only :D

Your bhaiyya was doing countdown of months as to your arrival and his eyes really sparkled when he realized  its just 2 months away.

About myself, I'm feeling a lot more fatigued these days and that too with doing minimal chores/movements. Sleep cycle is varied..there are days when I sleep through whole night and there are days when I stay awake for 2 hours at a stretch right in the middle of the night.

I feel a lot hungrier these days too. But whenever I see the food I am not interested in eating that. I want to eat something "nice" and "tasty" but what I just don't know. And that really gets to your papa and you can almost see fumes coming out of his ears and nose :D

Your papa has been taking real good care of me...pampering me. He massages my back, rubs oil on the tummy and the stretch-marks, always asks me what I want to eat or do...trying to ensure that I do not have any kind of discomfort. He is so adorable. But trust me, he wasn't like this before you came in my tummy. So I tease him that you are doing all this for the baby and not for me. And then he will retort "Bhalai ka to zamana hi nahi hai!" (there is no value of good deeds these days).

(@29 Weeks 5 Days)

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