Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You are about 15 inches long

Hi mera shona baby.

It been almost two weeks since I wrote to you. You would have really grown in these two weeks. You would have grown in length by 1 inch and in weight by 200gm. You can open your eyes as well as blink them. You now have eyelashes. And with your eyesight developing, you may be able to see the light that filters in through the womb. The newsletter told me that I would be able to feel your hiccups. Well...I didn't need the newsletter to tell me that as I had long before started feeling your hiccups. Although they are not as pronounced as they were at your bhaiyya's time.

Your movements are going good and strong and you still do not like me to lie on my sides. Although the newsletter told me that I would be able to make out the knees from hands from head and from bums. However, at the max I can figure out your head and nothing else.

My hunger/cravings have started to increase day by day and so has my weight. I weighed myself yesterday and it showed me at 64 Kg. I was sure the scale has conked off till the time your papa stepped on it and it showed his correct weight. That means I have gained more than 2.5 Kg in the past 2 weeks :(

I've been able to eat little bit of milk products these days. Although they make me a little nauseated but at least I do not throw up unlike earlier. I've been gorging on a lot of paranthas and namkeens such as khakhra, namakpara and roasted namkeens.

Your bhaiyya has already decided a name for you in case you are a boy and that name is "Arjun". And in case you are a girl, he has given me the "permission" to decide your name :)

I have my next doc appointment on Aug 12 and I am so eager to hear your heartbeats :)

Grow well my bachha.

(@28 Weeks 5 Days)

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