Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You are about 3 and 1/2 inches

I was very excited to read about the developments in you in the past week. You have learnt to emote - squint, frown, grimace, smile...Wow! Lets see what expression you give me at the next ultrasound.

You have also learnt to pee and may be how to suck your thumb as well.

I worry about the nutrition you are getting from me sometimes as I'm not able to eat much still as the nausea and vomiting continues. I end of throwing up my food approx. once a day. The day I don't, I feel so happy and good.

We do not have a maid and a permanent cook currently and your Papa has been taking really good care of me. He doesn't let me cook or do any of the house chores. The day the temporary cook doesn't come in, like today, he cooks and packs my lunch for me so that I don't have to eat the outside food. And must say, he has learnt to cook really well.

I'm hoping the placenta has moved up a bit in the past week and its perfectly fine at the end of 17 weeks.

You grow up nice and well bachhu.

Love from your Bhaiyya, Papa and Mumma...muaahh!

(@14 Weeks 5 Days)

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