Thursday, March 3, 2011

We saw you yesterday

We all saw you for the first time yesterday. I got to hear your heartbeat too. It was such a lovely and a comforting feeling. Your bhaiyya was so happy to see you and he was all smiles.

He is trying to be a big brother already. Today he got ready all by himself and was not letting me do anything. He said "Main fir bada bhaiyya kaise banoonga?" (How will I become a big brother?). And when he left for school today he said "Bye baby!".

Yesterday was your Dadu's birthday. We celebrated it here by making puri-subzi and atte ka halwa. As a habit, we all first offer it to the gods and say few lines of prayer. And yesterday after the puja, Anirudh said "Maine bhagwan ji ko bola mujhe boy chahiye." (I asked God for a boy) Me and your papa just smiled. We didn't question it as its a genuine wish he has told us upfront. I'm sure he has reasons and I'm sure he might change his desire multiple of times. But what I'm sure of is he will adore you irrespective of the fact whether you are a girl or a boy.

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