Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm getting a little impatient

As the D-day for our arrival is getting closer, I'm also getting impatient. I so want to hold you, kiss you, cuddle you, see you smile and of course cry too :D

I had my doc appointment yesterday and got to hear your heartbeat. As always it brought a big smile on my face. You are already in a head down position since past 2+ weeks. I asked the doc about your position and she told me that your back is towards my spine. And that explains all the movements that I feel, the nudges of your elbows and hands, the pushing of your knees and legs.

I weighed 64.5 Kg and my BP was slightly on the lower side at 100/50. However, doc was not very concerned.

Since I was having bad side-effects (loose motions to be precise) on oral iron tablets ingestion I had to undergo iron IV infusion last to last week as my Hemoglobin was dropping in every test. So when it reached 10, the doc asked me to get two shots of 200gm of iron done through IV on two alternate days.

On the second and the last day of the IV We had taken a tour of the labour and delivery room as well as the post delivery room in the hospital. We came out satisfied with the cleanliness as well as the hospitable staff. I just hope and pray that the staff is this nice when we are there and need it :)

My food intake keeps varying day to day. There are days when I'm perpetually hungry and there are days when I don't want to eat at all. Those are the days when I eat just because I've too. I despise garam masala in any food item and also zeera. So most of the food is being cooked in mustard seeds. I prefer south Indian cuisine, Chinese and continental stuff more than regular north Indian food. I still don't like to eat sweet stuff. Actually its not that I don't crave for it at all. Eating sweet stuff makes my taste go real bad and I start feeling nauseated. So I intentionally avoid to eat although I may crave for sweet stuff sometimes. Sometimes I give in to some specific mithai and then have to bear the consequences.

Your bhaiyya these days loves to caress you by way of caressing my big tummy. He will lie next to me and keep caressing for few minutes at a stretch and sometimes kisses too.

From the past week, all the newsletter tells me about your growth is that you are getting plumper. That you are gaining fat under your skin. So I guess all the other body growth is complete now and you just have to gain weight. In hte ultrasound at 32 Weeks and 5 days you had weighed 2.1 Kgs. I guess I can safely presume you to be around 2.2 Kgs or a little more currently which is a decent weight. Your bhaiyya at birth was 2.8 Kgs and measured 51 cms. I'm guessing you would also be around the same measurements at your birth.

I prodded the ultrasound doc a lot to find out about your gender but she just didn't tell me as the rules do not allow them to because of the female foeticide rates. So we have to just wait for you to come out in the world to know your gender. Although we all know its immaterial but I can't lie about my curiosity of wanting to know it beforehand. :)

Grow well my bachha.

(@34 Weeks 3 Days)

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