Friday, September 23, 2011

36 Weeks

Hi Shona

I complete 36 weeks today and that brings me one more week closer to your arrival date. It excites me as well makes me little anxious. Anxious because I wonder if I'm ready. I'm ready mentally but not at all if you look at the amount of shopping that is still left for you and for me both. However, at the same time I am somehow hoping you will not make me wait till the EDD given by doc and will arrive earlier.

I saw couple of videos of baby births a while ago. Natural birth, C-Sec birth, water birth and even one twin birth by c-sec. And I cried. Cried while watching each video. I don't know why but I did. The moment they would show the baby coming our or being pulled out from the womb I cried. But frankly I think I cried at the c-sec video, when I saw how they cut and pull and tug at the abdomen muscles to take out the baby, because I was scared. Scared of going through a c-sec. I'm praying really hard that I can manage a regular vaginal birth with you with no complications whatsoever. Rest I leave it to destiny.

I've been feeling slightly better these days when it comes to fatigue. But at the same time I feel like an old granny when I've to change positions. For e.g. sitting up from a lying position or standing up if i was sitting so on and so forth. It takes me few moments to get my body to do the desired action. And once I stand up, it again takes a few moments before I can take a step forward. I'm sure you can imagine my current state now :)

And to add to this granny state, couple of days ago while stretching my legs, I got a nerve pull in my left leg at the calf area and its been 3 days and it still hurts to put pressure on that foot when walking. I'm literally limping. It was around 3:15 AM when it happened and I had a real hard time waking your dad to rub the area as I wasn't able to reach it as I was lying down. I teased him how would I manage to wake him when it is time to go to the hospital. He went one step ahead and asked me to keep a bottle of water next to me and pour it over his face in case he doesn't wake up. I had such a laugh hearing this.Your papa can be really funny at times.

I weigh 65 KGs now. I guess I will gain another 1-1.5KGs by the time I deliver which will bring me to the same weight that I was before I delivered your bhaiyya.

I have to get the hemoglobin test done tomorrow and am planning to slightly delay the doc visit next week. Instead of going on Monday am thinking of visiting her on Friday. If I'm feeling normal, I will go on Friday else may visit on Monday itself.

Love you jaan.

(@36 Weeks)

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