Thursday, December 22, 2011

You ARE a big brother!!

My paaru Betu.

I was not there to see your reaction when you were told about your baby sister. I met you a day and a half later post the arrival of your little sister. She was actually very very tiny.

When I spoke to you in the evening, the first thing you asked me "Aap kaise ho?" (How are you?) And the second question was when can you come over to meet me at the hospital and to see your little sister. So next day i.e. on Oct 1 2011, we arranged for your Nanu to pick you up from Faridabad from Anamika bua's house.

I could see a big smile plastered on your face all through the time you were with us. You hugged me and after that your eyes were only for your sister. You wanted to hold her all the time. And once she was sleeping in her bassinet, you kept looking at her. And when the time came for you to go back,  you just didn't want to go back. But since we didn't have your clothes you had to go back. But the next day you came with all your luggage from bua's house and stayed at the hospital. Although none of us, including you, slept that night but we all were a happy family. Happy to be together.

You cuddled with me whenever Nishka was sleeping in her bassinet. You were very curious about my surgery and had tonnes of questions to ask. How many stitches? Did it hurt? How much did it hurt? How long did it take? Did Nishka cry? Has she done pee and poop?....gosh..they were never ending.

I don't remember how many times you said "Yeh kitni cute hai". You were totally enamoured with your baby sister.

You were such a helpful boy. At the hospital, you would help me sit up, getting me things, and would also pat my head so that I can sleep. You were and are such a darling little boy. I love you so so much.

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