Monday, May 9, 2011

You are about 4 and a half inches long

How eagerly I look forward to the weekly updates from Baby Center telling me the developments in you.

The newsletter says you are 4 and 1/2 inches long. Your legs are more developed and head is more erect and your scalp pattern has started developing although there are no hair yet. Your toe nails have started developing.

Soon I will be able to feel you moving inside and how anxiously I am waiting for it. And I think about 5-6 days ago I did feel your move when I absentmindedly lied down on my tummy. I am 90% sure it was you as it definitely didn't feel like gas.

And its just not me. Your bhaiyya is also eager to feel your movements. Today morning he asked me if he will be allowed to come and meet you at the hospital once you are out of my tummy. And when I said yes, you should have seen the spark in his eyes. I can feel he is also a little concerned how will he sleep without me when I'm in the hospital as he sleeps snuggled into me till date. But I'm sure he will manage. I've heard kids suddenly maturing at such times.

(@16 Weeks 3 Days)

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