Sunday, May 22, 2011

I can feel you

Hi Shona baby!

I can feel you since yesterday evening. And I'm 100% sure its you and not anything else.

Earlier when I used to have the similar sensation of movement I wasn't sure if it was you or gas as they commonly say. Now I know that flutter was because of you moving around.

Your movements are not much strong right now. Its just a soft little feeling. I can feel you move only when I'm lying on my back. Or sitting in a way which puts little pressure on my tummy for e.g. folding my legs to my chest.

I'm so happy! Finally I can feel you! :)

Your bhaiyya came back home yesterday night and he has been showering you with kisses since then. Every time he is near me, he kisses you multiple times. He asked me yesterday if I can feel you and when I told him yes, he wanted to know when will he be able to feel you move too. Since I didn't know myself how long will it take to feel your movements from outside, I told him a tentative period of 2 weeks and now he is counting the days :)

(@18 Weeks 2 days)

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