Monday, February 28, 2011

Your Anirudh bhaiyya knows about you :)

Hi Shona baby! I told your Anirudh bhaiyya about you yesterday. Earlier than I had planned.

It so happened that he was getting angry that I wasn't playing football with him like I usually do over the weekends. I was having bad nausea so was in bed most of the weekend with little or no inclination to do anything. After seeing him so upset, I told him about you. He wouldn't believe me at first. He said I'm lying to him. I repeated that its true but he still wouldn't believe me. It took me about 5 min to make him accept that its true. And he has been so happy and excited about it.

I told him to not tell this to anyone till I tell him as its too early to tell everyone. Ever since then he talks about you in a very hushed tone when the maids are working in the house. He comes and strokes my tummy softly, kisses you by kissing my tummy, and hugs me. He has been giving me instructions to walk slowly, not sit with a big thud but to sit down softly. Once your Papa was talking to me in a loud tone, so your bhaiyya instructed your papa to talk softly. He has told me not to tell anyone at my office also about the baby as everyone will come and stand around me asking me lots of questions which will make me tired.

He has already started thinking of names for you. Today morning when he was leaving for school, he was carrying a pencil and a small notepad in hand. When I asked him the purpose, he said he will write down the names for you in that notepad. I just smiled and hugged him. He immediately took a step back and asked me if hugging will harm the baby and when I said no it won't he came and hugged me but very softly keeping a bit of distance from my tummy. He gave you two pecks in the morning too and said "Kitna cute baby hoga" :)

He also asked me if the baby can feel the kisses, his soft strokes and his hugs. And then he himself answered that baby wouldn't know the meaning of the word "feeling" right now. He asked me if you will go with him to the daycare along with him, and when I affirmed he was happy.

Shona, you are going to be one lucky baby to have such a loving brother.

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