Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I wonder

Hi Shonu bachha!

These days I wonder if you respond to me when I talk to you. Somehow it has happened way too many times when I talk to you, you start squirming or kicking inside. And then I feel as if you are responding to me.

And not just that, so many times when I'm talking about you to either your papa or bhaiyya, you start moving as if you know you are being talked about. I wonder if its just a coincidence or do you really respond to your name "Shona baby". I really wonder.

You are very very very chulbul. But then you are my baby and I was named chulbuli by my school friends and then by my college friends too. :) You have been very very active since yesterday. You were kicking away for good hour and a half at lunch time. Then in evening also you were pretty active for about 30 min. And then at night around 9:30 PM, it took about 2 hours for you to sleep. And then you woke up again around 1:30 AM at night and just wouldn't sleep and thus kept me awake till 3:30 AM.

And you have not slept for more than 1 hour at a stretch since I woke up at 6 AM. Even now as I'm writing this post, you seem to be practicing football and have been at it since the past 40 min at least. Tera kya karoon bachku ram. To kinna bammashu bachha hai!!

Lately your bhaiyya talks to you saying "My baby" and the love in his eyes is so evident. The way he smiles when he talks to you, the way he caresses you, the way he showers you with kisses, the way he tries to tickle you and I have to stop him as it tickles me a makes my heart smile.

The 24th week newsletter told me that you weigh around a pound (450 gm) and are about 12 inches long. Grow up well shoncha!

(@24 Weeks 5 Days)

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