Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jhoola Jhooling!!

We were at my in-laws place for celebrating Diwali. It was an early morning and Betu was swinging with two of his cousins in the swing in the lawn of the house. All the kids were in full masti mood. And I was making a video of them having fun. So I asked "Whats up?!" and Betu thought for a while and said "Sun is up!" I couldn't help laughing at this answer even if it was correct from his point although I meant it otherwise. So I rephrased my question and asked "What are you doing?". He again thought for a while and replied "We are jhoola jhooling!" Everyone burst out into laughter and so did Betu!

These are his recent attempts to talk and respond in English. And I feel he is making good progress even if they are sometimes funny :D


  1. well i still say I Love to jhulo on jhula!! hehe!! :p

    i think he is doing super!

    and his rangoli effort is really cool, i must say!!