Sunday, December 13, 2009

The birthday card

He made such an adorable birthday card for me. He drew 6 hearts to show how much he loves me and gave me 8 stars for being an 'awesome' mommy! :D

Isn't this just so awesome?

P.S. I forgot to write what those people and the numbers against them denote. Even I was curious and asked him who were these people. He told me that they are his cousins and the number is their age. He asked his dad for the ages :)

So 8 is Advik Bhaiyya, 5 is he himself, 11 is Prakhar Bhaiyya, 9 is Sowmya Didi, 7 is Pallav Bhaiyya and the last 6 he didin't remember :D


  1. Absolutely lovely ..but who are all the ppl under the rainbow ?

  2. ahhhh lovely! :) happy belated birthday..
    i want to know the same as what swati asked... n why are they numbered???

  3. Yeah.I forgot to write about that..have added that now in the post :)

    Those are his cousins and the numbers are their ages.

  4. very beautiful and so sweet of him! good that you have put it here. :-)