Monday, February 6, 2012

Sibling love

It makes me so happy to see the love between Anirudh and Nishka. Betu adores her so much and she also responds to the love he showers on her. The best smiles and giggles are saved for bhaiyyu.

In fact, me and hubby get scolding if Anirudh feels we have not done something for Nishka as we should have had. :D

Hell breaks if I leave Nishka alone in the bedroom when she is awake. I get good scoldings "Aap mujhe nahi bol sakte the? Main uske paas baith jaata!" (Couldn't you have told me? I would have sat next to her).
Aye aye boss! Will not repeat the mistake again.

There were times when Nishka would ask to be fed every 40 min and I let her cry a little longer. You would feel so upset seeing her cry that you would angrily tell me that she is only asking for milk..not a why can't I give it to her? After hearing such words, I had to give in.

When Anirudh comes back from school, the first thing he does is to wash his hands and run to Nishka. And somehow I feel she also know what time bhaiyyu comes home and is mostly awake at that time. The smile on her face when she sees her bhaiyyu is super precious!! Kaala tika to both my bachkus.

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