Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crocheted love

A blog friend - Suma posted some of her crocheted stuff on FB. They  were so beautiful and everyone just loved them. I asked her if she could crochet a headband for Nishka and sent her some samples from the net. She immediately got down to make them and in less than a week made 3 headbands. All of them were beautiful. I selected one and she couriered it across. I was super excited when the packet arrived and quickly opened it. The packing itself was so beautiful. Inside it lay a beautiful surprise. She had sent across a pair of clips with crocheted red butterflies. I was so touched and obviously super duper happy.

When I reached home, I immediately tried these on Nishka and she looked so cute in them. Here are some pictures showing the headband and the clip. Its really difficult to click Nishka as the moment she sees my phone or the camera, she just has to grab it. So please excuse the picture quality.

The packet and the headband plus the clips.

The butterfly clip

Wearing the headband

Thanks a ton Suma. Everyone at home loved these. And please be prepared for more orders coming in your way :)


  1. Thanks, N for this post. It feels good when someone notices tiny details as packaging and acknowledges it too...

    and absolutely loved making this for Nishka, next time will give it in person...

  2. This is VERY VERY cute !! Loved this !

  3. O wow beautiful. and Nishka looks super gorgeous wearing that headband :)

  4. Oh yes! they look really good. I love the butterfly clip, the colour. Nihka seems to be liking it too. Ella keeps pulling them off her head.

  5. cho chweet!! now i want a daughter too!! :-)