Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pregnancy Continues

November - March 2004
Rest of the pregnancy went uneventful besides the usual ups and downs. Checkups went fine. Monthly visits to Gynae continued and by the starting of 8th month my nausea and throwing up also ended. And then started the wait. Wait for the baby's arrival. And thats when I started to feel time was dragging. Dragging r e a l l y slow... I had started to feel so heavy, back used to ache so much. I had gained whopping 14 Kgs. DH used to give me back massage sometimes which I used to simply L O V E.

Got to see my betu twice more through U/S. Appa also came along with us in the last two visits and he also enjoyed looking at the ultrasounds and watching his movements inside the womb.
In February, started to have weekly checkups with the Gynae. Did some shopping for baby clothes and basic essentials. I remember me and DH freaked out on seeing such cute outfits. We really had to stop ourselves from buying off the entire shop :D

I can't even describe the feeling that I got when I was washing the baby clothes. I was so overwhelmed with emotions. It was a mix of longing to hold the baby plus just the thought that I will be a mom soon!

In my last appointment in Feb 2004, my Gynae told me since the baby's head is already fixed and engaged we should be ready around March 6 or 7th. The wait began...March 6th came and went by, 7th came and went by..15 the came and went on and so forth. In fact my younger sister, betu's Chhoti Mausi (CM) was visiting India and she had such hopes that the baby will be delivered during her visit. But she had to go empty handed as betu-ram was playing very naughty. In the appointment on March 26, 2004 Gynae said we will wait till March 28 i.e my actual EDD and if I don't start labour on my own, they will induce me early morning on March 29th.

March 28th came and nothing happened. Afternoon I went to the parlour, got my pedicure done. Got my nails painted. (Although the nurses removed the nail paint as soon as they admitted me the next feet and toes were looking so nice in that beautiful shade!!)

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