Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fascination with dentures.

I guess at one point or the other each kid gets fascinated with dentures. It amuses them that teeth can be taken out and kept in a box. And they try to pull out their teeth too. Betu was no different. He would look at his grandparents taking out dentures, brushing them holding in their hands and then putting it in a box full of water. The expressions on his face are a mix of bewilderment and being awed. It was about an year ago when he first saw dentures and was amused with it. The fascination still continues.

Today morning when he was all set to go for a morning walk with Dadi-Dadu, he came up to me super excited and said "Aapko pata hai Dau ke daant nikal jaate hain!" And he rushed back to see his Dadu putting on the dentures without even waiting for me to respond. :)


  1. Ha Ha Ha... I am as excited as him. :P

    Hey how do I comment here ? There is no name/url thing. It's not allowing me to comment. My blogger id will take you to my old blog.

  2. his enthusiasm!!!!........

  3. Cuckoo: you can choose the ID you want to comment as. You can either choose your wordpress ID or open ID. It will automatically link your name with the details you have fed in there!

  4. Hey, don't blame him - I know it is an amusing thing to see :-)

  5. hehe!!

    if dentures are not funny, what is?!