Monday, September 8, 2008

Beauty conscious

I can already imagine what trouble we are going to face when he is in teens looking at him being so beauty conscious at this age of 4!

Other day we went to Spencer's mart to pick up some general grocery stuff. As we were browsing through some soaps, he picks up a Nivea vitamin creme soap and says "Yeh 'silk skin' wala le lo mere liye". In the beginning I was not able to understand what he is trying to say and only after I kept putting away the one he was handing me over, he got angry and said "Aap mera 'silk skin' wala soap kyun nahi le rahe ho?" that I understood the words 'silk skin'.

Me and hubby both had such a laugh and so did the other customers who were standing nearby.

On another day he combed his hair in a certain style using his hand only and turns to me and asks "Yeh style kaisa lag raha hai?"

Although I find all this very cute right now there are days when his such style/beauty consciousness scares me. Abhi se yeh haal hai to bade ho kar kya hoga?


  1. LOL !! Very funny but very cute !

  2. Abhi se?? lol!!! silk skin eh?? He is going to become a model!! :) And then all the girls will drool over him!! You poor mommy!

  3. Sounds like he will be a metro-sexual dude :)

  4. Don't worry dear. Aajkal isi ka zamaana hai. :) Very cute.

  5. If he keeps this up,you are going to have the girls breaking down your door when he grows up. "Silk skin" sounds so cute.

  6. :D

    he is a metrosexual already!! :p



  7. No not at all hard on the eye - very nice . I liked how he charged his phone - clever boy !

  8. Lol - I can see more demands coming in- :)