Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mr. Bossy!

I forgot to note down a very funny incident that happened last Saturday when I had taken him along to my office.

It had so happened that while I was going around reviewing the work of the colleagues, he would keep following me around. As I was telling one of them "Yeh theek nahi hai. Yeh aise hona chahiye" by pointing to the screen. Without missing a best, Betu quipped "thas not correct" to that same colleague. I just smiled and did not say anything to him that time then coz he gets embarassed very quickly these days. But later we all had such a laugh when I told the hubby about the incident.

And am also glad that my colleague didn't take offense too but just smiled looking at Betu.

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. LOL ! Good that the other person did not mind!

  2. glad your cleeague didnt mind the double bossing!! :p

    he is damn cute! :)



  3. haha, ab ghar ke baad office ki baari hai. Bare saheb ko hamara namaskar kahiyega :-)

  4. :-))
    well good idea.. next time u want to tell them somthing unpleasant..take betu with u:-)

  5. something for u on my blog

  6. On the job training? Verrry funny. And isn't he a fast learner?

  7. How cud they take offence with such a cutie pie!