Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Disney Cars" pasta

Thanks to Ruchi Mausi, Betu got a box of car shaped pasta few days ago. It was only today that I finally was able to cook it for him and but obviously he was ecstatic.

But after 10 min I was ready to tear my hair out because he would look at each piece for 2 minutes by turning it left and right and only when the full inspection was done that he would eat it. He did this for the first 10 minutes and then I asked him to finish eating it or I shall take it away. Call me a meanie mommy or whatever..I don't care! :D


  1. Ha ha... while I started reading this post, I thought may be I should get something like that for the brat. But towards the end of the post, I decided against it, you know why. This is the first time I've taken any decision this fast :)

  2. That pasta looks great, were they all different shaped pieces? I would look at each one carefully too if I were him ;)

  3. thats SO cute! which reminds me I should look for those animal shaped biscuits for cubby! we used to get em easily in bombay! :D

    the pasta looks awesome!

  4. I'm glad he enjoyed them. Sameeer does the same with the alphabet pasta I got him :-)

  5. it looks like a jalebi.........
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