Sunday, March 29, 2009

The journey of 5 years

Apr 1 2004: Just 4 days young and you would look at everything so curiously.

March 29 2005 : An year young today and your lovely smile and giggles would enlighten any heart!

March 29 2006: On your 2nd birthday. You had started to become a bossy little man but still as adorable as ever.

March 29 2007: 3 yrs and you would amaze us with little little things that you would do.

March 29 2008: By 4th birthday you had become a total brat!

March 29 2009: 5 years today and you have already started giving us threats of leaving us ;) but then Mumma Gogi bestest!


  1. Happy many returns of the day Betu ! :) Sweet post.

  2. i still remember abt his 4th birthday!!:)...

    lovely snaps!!!

  3. Happy Birthday..and best of wishes for a bright future. I still remember u when you were just few days young. Infact that has been the only time I have seen you in of your fabulous years i have followed thru this blog and pics that ur dear mom shares with us. And i see a lovely handsome super intelligent smart young boy growing up. All the best dear Anirudh!! Lots of love n hugs,

  4. such an adorable posts... happy birthday betu :) lots of love hugs and wishes

  5. Lovely snaps ..esp the second one ..why have I not seen that snap earlier :O Its such a cute pic !

  6. A very happy Birthday dear Anirudh! Wish u a fabulous year ahead filled with laughter and cheer :) Lovely pictures - kala tikka

  7. wishing you a bright year ahead and lots of fun!

    adorable pictures, nm!

  8. may this year be filled with newer discoveries and joys and happiness throughout!

    happy Birthday!

    and what cute pictures! :D

  9. Lovely!!
    Belated Happy Birthday Laddoo!!

  10. Happy Birthday Anirudh. What a lovely series of pictures. :)

  11. Very nice post and happy birthday to Anirudh. I am visiting your blog for the first time and liked it very much.

  12. Wishing Betu a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! He rocks !!!!!

    Loved the way you had put the pics of each of his five birthdays. Wishing him many happy returns of it.

    I love the way he talks !! Lots of hugs and kisses to him.