Friday, April 10, 2009

On his first ever holiday without Mumma-Papa

Betu has gone on a 5 day holiday trip to meet his cousins along with his Dadi-Dadu. Its been 2 days since he has been gone and from what I know after my calls to his Dadi-Dadu and Bua, he is having lot of fun. He is being such a brat and not even coming on to the phone to talk to me when I call up.

It makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because it shows he is not missing me and having lots of fun. And happy because he is not missing me and having lots of fun. Yeah..we mums are crazy like that *wink*

Have lots of fun Betu. Mumma is eagerly waiting to see you on Monday night. Love you lots jaanu. Muaaaaahhh...


  1. Lovely. Must be a great adventure for him. So what did he say? Is he back?

    I know the feeling. Ranted a lot everytime the brat went over to his grandparents' place without us.

  2. You've been tagged.

  3. I am so glad he enjoyed & I completely understand how u felt!!