Thursday, April 23, 2009

Question for which I've no answer...

Betu and me were doing numbers and I was asking him questions randomly.

Me: What is 2 and 5?
Betu: Twenty five

Me: What is 4 and 1?
Betu: Forty one

Me: What is 3 and 6?
Betu: Thirty six

Me: What is 5 and 0?
Betu: Fifty Zero

Me: Huh?
Betu: *grins and giggles* Fifty

Betu: Par agar 5 and 1 Fifty one hota hai, to 5 and 0 Fifty zero kyun nahi hota?

Me: *looks blankly and quickly changes topic - as usual*

Anybody, any answers?


  1. he is right yaar.. 5 and 0 fifty zero hi hona chahiye :)

  2. Wisdom indeed! Our world is far too quirky and impractical :)

  3. Thats a very smart question. He is such a quick thinker :)

  4. english is a funny language i tell ya!

    all questions and no answers!



  5. so can u beat that logic :)

  6. good that you changed the topic. Had i been there, i would have started explaining to him every detail und it would have been him changing the topic. :D
    yes, such things happen with rishab too and i find myself making things much too complicated.
    coming here after a looooong time and am enjoying reading the blog.
    love to betu!