Thursday, August 30, 2012

A picture post

This is how I make Bhaiyyu mad! Whenever he sits down to study, I HAVE to sit on his study table :)

Nishka kitnee badi? - Itnee badi!

Sleeping with a pout..cutie pie!


All dressed to go for an outing.

I love my Peek-A-Boo Book!

I love watching Dadu play Freecell.

Hamari Chhammak Challo!


  1. Nidha, wonderful pictures! each better than the other. Kala Tika for Nishka!
    But, take a picture with her wearing a complete Indian lehnga choli. you must!
    lots of love from mausi to both the bachchas.
    You know I have such scenes of panik when Ella comes to Rishab's lego creations in his room. She needs seconds to break them all. :-D

    1. Lol at Ella breaking Rishab's lego creations. I'm sure Rishab would get anger fits whenever she would do that. Or does he not get angry?

      Yes, I've to buy lahenga choli for her. Maybe this Diwali.

  2. and what an idea to use a ironing table for a laptop!!

    1. Well the idea sprouted more out of need rather than an idea in itself :D

  3. Oei oei oei....cute cute cute :)
    As PG said - each one better than the other :)
    Must say...i looooooove her tiny skirt in last pic. What a dancing pose. And she looks gorgeous with that tiny headband :)

  4. too good... so nice to see Nishka's pics. Shararat tapakti hai Nishak ki eyes se :-) i am sure she is keeping you on your toes all the time.
    looking forward to meeting her soon....