Monday, March 4, 2013

My adorable bachhas

Anirudh had participated in National Science Olympiad and National Maths Olympiad this year. Although he didn't do well in the maths one but apparently he did pretty good in the science one and thus got selected for the Level 2 exam. He studied hard for the level 2 or rather I made him study hard for it and going by his word it was pretty easy. Now its a wait and watch for us to figure out how his scores are.

About 3-4 weeks back, there was a live Ben 10 show happening in Siri Fort Auditorium which Anirudh wanted to go to. So mommy betu duo went for the show. I used to watch this cartoon series with him earlier but haven't watched it since 2-3 years. So many characters have changed and been added.

During the show I kept asking him questions - Who is that? Is that character good or bad? What powers does this one have? etc etc. After the show got over on the way back he tells me thank god the show didn't have all the other characters also. Else you would have kept asking me "Who is that? What is that?" about each an every character.

On the way back home Anirudh noticed the sign "Use Dipper at Night" at the back of a truck, misreads Dipper as Diaper, and asks "Why are they asking us to use Diaper at night?" :D

It took me a few seconds to realise his folly and I had such a good laugh. I later explained to him what the word was and its meaning.

Nishka is growing up real fast. I was talking to her Preeti Mausi the other day and I told her how she has become a miniature adult conveying her likes and dislikes, her thoughts, her demands all in her own style. She is yet to turn 18 months and since a week she has been clearly showing he preferences for clothes she wants to wear. When I was dressing her up after her bath yesterday and was trying to put her clothes on, she did not even wait for me to pick the t-shirt I had intended to maker her wear and instead lurched for another one lying close by and tried to wear it on her own. I tried to take that tshirt from her hands but she just wouldn't allow. Finally I had to put on the t-shirt she wanted to wear. And showing her preference is not limited just to clothes. She choses which shoes to wear too.

We had introduced Nishka to crayons about two weeks back and she loves scribbling with it on paper. She has already scribbled on the walls with pencil. I have downloaded a coloring app for kids on iPad few days back and she just loves it. The moment she spots the iPad she says "De do.." and wants me to open her coloring app. She thoroughly enjoys how colored lines appear on the screen when she touches it.

Her vocabulary is increasing by the data. She tries to repeat what we say like a little parrot and is successful 80% of the times.

Things she says on her own are -
 - De do
 - Chee-ye for chahiye - when asking something to be given to her
 - Duddhu for milk
 - Khaya (when hungry)
 - koo for School when we tell her Bhaiiya School gaya
 - Hato - will push me around to go
 - Ch-O for Chalo
 - Soyee - for sorry
 - iPad chaiye
 - Ninna - when she is sleepy
 - Khicchi
 - Paantha for parantha
 - Chao - for chawal (rice)

She wished her Dadu "Happy to you" 2 days back making Dadu very elated. And more so when I told him that you are the first person she has ever wished on birthday.

She cannot pronounce R, L and N in certain words. For e.g. she says No, Nahai (for wanting to take bath) but when she has to say pani (water) she will say pa-yee. She recognises hot things and immediately says "Hot hai!" on touching warm or hot things. I was trying to teach her to say Ram-Ram and she always says it as really makes me laugh and wonder how can ram-ram be same as kao-kao?

She can take bath n number of times in a day. And I'm sure I will also not worry even if she does when the summers are here. But as of now I've to ensure that the bathroom doors are closed rightly as I have found her few times in the bath area with her being half drenched in water.

She is becoming a handful but then seeing both my bachhas cuddling and doing masti together gives me such happiness that cannot be ever described in words.


  1. post latest pics of the duo. I swear it is so satisfying to see them play an denjoy themselves together. So you were pulled in for BenTen, i had to go to the Iron Man one in here. Man the little boy is so amazed at that, i could not relate to anything except for some avengers stories is read.

  2. Ella is also alwways very clear about which clothes she wantrs to wear. I'm wondering waht will happen in a years time. :-D
    A lovely blog post. keep wtiting. I'm done only half but hope to post soon.

  3. so sweet to read the latest masti going on there.
    Am amazed that Prisha said teh words exactly the same way...
    esp; hot hai, happy to u, soyee, chiye :D And actually most of them. Funny - isn't it?

    All the Best to Anirudh for his exam result :)

  4. awww.. loved this post .. and sonu bachcha.. thats for Nishka.. Anirudh always has been an ideal big brother - even in the brief time that he spent with Ishaan, he was watchful and inclusive,and i love the child for that. kala teeka and god bless.