Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some anecdotes

I was trying to put Nishka to bed and patting her. She sits up after about a minute and starts patting me back saying "Ninni...ninni.."

Role reversal?? Abhi se?


While Anirudh was working on his homework, Nishka took away one pencil and scribbled on the wall much to my shock. I scolded her for doing that. And in return got a big scolding back from Anirudh for scolding such a little baby saying "She is so small. How will she know she is not supposed to do that?" And took Nishka away carrying her in his arms and gave her a rough paper and sat with her while she scribbled.


Nishka took apart the little cubes from Anirudh's Rubik Cube one night after Anirudh had gone to bed. Next day Anirudh noticed one cube piece lying near his bed and said "Koi baat nahi. Main isko jodh doonga." (Nothing to worry. I can fix this piece back.)

When I told him that all the other pieces have also been taken apart like this, he had a totally bewildered look on his face and asked me who did that? When I told him your lil sister and I didn't scold her as you don't like me to, his first reaction "Where did she get so much strength from?"

And the second reaction, "Nishka - this is coming out of your pocket money when you grow up!"

My reaction - Good that they can sort out issues like these between themselves :D


  1. The little girl is going places. Loved the update.

  2. ha ha ha! both of them are just too sweet! love to both from mausi.

  3. ha ha ha ha ha... Anirudh is turning out to be such a lovely big brother! i m super impressed. and bet he has learnt to nurture from you.