Monday, January 14, 2013

Bha-ee-ya is back & talking nineteen to the dozen

Two days ago Anirudh came back after spending good 17 days of his winter break at Dadi-Dadu's house and Nishka was sooo super happy to see him back. She kept following him everywhere calling out "bha-ee-ya". She would love it when he would carry her in his godi. She actually missed him a lot when he was gone. Every time the doorbell would ring she would ask "Bha-ee-ya?". She would look around for him calling out "bha-ee-ya" all over the house many times a day.

Anirudh too was so happy to see her. The moment he arrived, he ran straight to the washbasin to wash his hands so that he can pick her up and play with her. During his stay with his grandparents, they asked him if they can get his admission done in Jaipur itself so that he can stay there with them. His instant response was "Nishka ko bhi yahan bula lo fir main bhi yahin rah jayunga." (Bring Nishka also here and then I only I will stay here). Today morning when he woke up to get ready for school, Nishka was sleeping. Anirudh just wanted to wake her up and play with her before he left for school. I had such a tough time ensuring he doesn't do that because if he had woken her up all my morning chores would not get completed :)

Frankly, although I was happy that he was having a good time in Jaipur with his grandparents and his cousins but I had started missing him too after 10 days. I so wanted to cuddle with him, talk to him, hug him. Since two days of his arrival he is sleeping next to me with his arms wrapped around me. And I tell myself - "My baby is back!"

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, Nishka is talking nineteen to the dozen. Sometimes you can figure out what she is trying to say and sometimes you have to guess. She is at a stage when she is able to copy the sound of the words and repeat them after us.

Our cook always says "Namaste!" with folded hands to Nishka whenever she comes. Nishka would give a big smile to her every time and after couple of days Nishka would also fold her hands and say "atte" to the cook the moment she saw her.

Bhaiyya would be pronounced as bheeya earlier but now its very clear bha-ee-ya.

She is super fond of "Chiya". The moment she hears one she would look in the direction the sound came from and start saying "chiya". You can distract her from anything by just saying the word "Chiya".

Other words that she says on her own are:
  • Aana - Chanda (Moon)
  • Jhoo-aa - Jhula/Swing
  • Paantha - Parantha
  • Nahai-Nahai - for wanting to take bath
  • Ko-hai - "Kaun hai" (Who is there) whenever the doorbell rings.
  • Gi gaya - Gir gaya (It has fallen down)
  • Duddhu - for asking for milk
  • Tuttu - For saying something broke
Currently, the fascination with moon is so much that she wants us to show it to her even during day time. And we have to tell her "Chanda ninni karne gaya" (Moon has gone to sleep),

"Paantha" is always the response we hear if we ask her if she is hungry and wants to eat anything.

"Gir gaya" is used even if something fell down by chance or if she has thrown it deliberately. She uses it even when she means "Kho gaya" (something is lost).

She has now observed and learned the names me and hubby call out to each other. So she will call out to me as "Nidhi" and to hubby as "Anu" :)

Whenever her Papa comes home he has this habit of saying "How do you do?" to her. And now like a little parrot she has started saying "How do do?" to her Papa dear the moment she lays her eyes on him. On weekends its good 30-40 times in a day when she asks him that. It sounds so super adorable!!

She loves music and starts swaying/dancing to the music she likes. One of her favourite songs these days is "Disco deewane". The cutest part is when she says "ahaa" at the right junctures.

Her favourite games are not the toys we give her but opening the drawers of the kitchen and taking out the various bottles of spices, plates or spoons...anything she can lay her hand on and leaving them in places which we figure out only after a day or two of them being missing.

Totally badmash but totally adorable bachha she is!



  1. didn'tr get the time to comment on the last one, but this time i have to write somthing.
    She is sooooo sweet and soooo smart, touch wood! And a chulbuli she is :-)
    wish i could come right away and meet her :-(

  2. vo to vo hai.. soo good to read abt ur lil princess. touch wood!

  3. WOW thats a great vocab !! She is a cutie pie :)