Friday, January 11, 2013

A long overdue post

Its been 2 months since the last update I wrote here on what all the kids are up to. And when I think back its LOADS. It will probably take 2 posts to encapsulate all.

Since Nishka had started walking before her first birthday, I had been indulging in making her wear ethnic wear. On Dussera she wore a pretty salwar kurta which she got as a gift on her birthday. I treated the Diwali as it was first one for her. She was just 20 days young on her actual first Diwali. I very enthusiastically bought a lahenga-choli for her and matching bangles to wear on Diwali. She looked super cute walking around in it. She had such fun shaking her wrists to hear the sound of bangles clinking. Soon after the bangles were all over the house.

She loves to see Bhaiyya and Papa play Wii. Whenever they are playing she will go and sit in Papa's lap. And if Papa dear has started playing without her in his lap, she will go and stand next to him continuously making "Uuun..uunn.." sound till Papa pauses the game and picks her up to sit her in the lap. She loves it so much so that once Anirudh was playing a solo game she still went ahead and sat in Papa's gogi with her eyes on the TV screen :)

In December 3rd week I went to Houston, TX on a office trip for a week. I was a little apprehensive as this was the first time I would be leaving her for so many days. I had never left her even for one night and here I had to for good 7 days. But thankfully she was a total angel. She would get a little sad and quiet sometimes but overall she did just fine. Her Dadi-Dadu had come over to help out in taking care of kids in my absence. Anirudh also behaved quite responsibly. He would not fuss when waking up or getting ready to school. He would do skype with me often. And they would secretly show me Nishka in the skype so that she doesn't see me as a possible outburst could have happened on seeing Mumma.

But as much as an angel she was then, she has become a total pain since past two weeks when it comes to night time sleep. Earlier she would easily sleep by 8 PM or max by 8:30 without any fuss. And now she would be super sleepy but continue fussing and whining and doesn't sleep before 9:30-10 PM. And even then she doesn't sleep peacefully. After every 2 hours or so she will start getting uneasy, tossing, turning and whining. Will want milk and then want to poop. So since two weeks both mine and Anurag's sleep has totally gone for a toss.

My guess is that she probably thinks Mumma will go away again if she sleeps. I may be wrong. I really hope I'm wrong and that its just a phase.

The one good thing that came out of this trip was that she was weaned off without any trouble :)

Nishka is also about 75-80% potty trained. I had bought a potty ring and had started seating her on the pot since mid November. Since I observed her morning routine of doing the big job after her morning milk, I tried it. We were successful in using the potty in the mornings. It took about another two weeks before she started telling herself after doing it in the diaper and another week to start saying "potty aayee". And recently she even tells us "potty aayee" when she needs to pee. But this week I feel she is going back to not being trained when she is telling us "potty aayee" only after doing the job and sometimes not even telling. I just hope this is just a phase and she progresses on her potty training.

She has now started talking nineteen to the dozen these days but that calls for another post!


  1. Really enjoyed reading this post. Have you tired taking videos of her talking? Would love to hear those :-)

    1. Ruchika - The scope of taking a video is next to none as the jut starts running towards the camera the moment she spies it in my hands :(

  2. Aah how cute at the Wii part. She enjoys the game. Hugs to the kiddos on behaving so well. Happens with me many a times. Son throws such tantrums at home sometimes. But when i am not around or at my mom's for a couple of days, he does his homework and all good stuff. I feel i underestimate the kiddos at times.

    1. Why do these kids trouble only the Mumma so much? *rolling my eyes*