Thursday, January 9, 2014

She is one bossy girl!

Incident 1

Its a weekend and usually I first bathe Nishka and then I ask Anirudh to go and have his bath. So about two weeks back I had just come out with Nishka wrapped in towel after giving her a bath and she shouts out to Anirudh- "Anirudh!! Nahane ghuso!"

I think I can delegate more of my tasks to her that involve instructing others to do something. What say?

Incident 2

Its winter time and Nishka was having some cough. So I was giving her a bit of warm water added with a pinch of salt to help her with the cough on instructions from her Dadi. So one day it so happened that I did warm the water but forgot to add salt. And out little dadi-amma has such a flustered expression and tone, gesturing to the glass in her hand and says "Kya kal lai ho? Namak dalo!".

I was having such a laugh and it took me a while to gather myself and do as she had asked - Add salt in her water. And that was not only incident since then. If anyone is not doing anything as she wants it, be it me, Anirudh, our house help or the cook, we all get to hear "Kya kal lai ho?" so often.

Incident 3

This was from yesterday and is a gem. I was driving back home after picking the kids up in the evening from the daycare. So Anirudh told me that Nishka peed in her pants multiple times and did not tell that she had to go to the loo. As we were standing on a traffic signal for it to turn green, I turned back to look at Nishka and was scolding her "Aapne kyun kara? Aapne bataya kyun nahi ki aapko susu aayee hai? Aap big girl ho gayee ho na?"

And guess what she responded to me. I'm sure no one can. Even I couldn't imagine it ever. She points to the front and tells me "Aap drive karo."

My jaw almost dropped to the floor and I couldn't say anything to her. What could I?

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