Saturday, January 11, 2014

She is one helluva girl!

Each day there are so many incidents that make me roll over in laughter and muse me with this girl. She is just too too...beyond words.

Incident 1

I called up the daycare a day ago to ask them to ensure that she doesn't sleep for more than one hour because she doesn't sleep until 10 in the night. So the daycare supervisor spoke to Nishka asking her "Tum raat ko time se soti kyun nahi ho?" (Why don't you sleep on time at night?).

And I was told that she thought for few seconds and responded "Papa Mummy kaam karte hain. Mainse kaise soyoon?" (Papa-Mummy work at night. How do I sleep?). All the people in the daycare were in splits laughing at her statement.

Incident 2

Nishka bosses around the house a lot on everyone. Especially on Anirudh. She fights with him on anything and everything try to get things her way. Poor Anirudh has such a tough time trying to peacefully play with his own toys or read his own books. So much so that Anirudh has to really ensure that she is nowhere around to cuddle with me. One day the anger at both sides (Anirudh and Nishka) became to much that Anirudh shouted at Nishka saying "Tere ko pata hai tu meri wajah se aayi hai is duniya mein. Agar main nahi bolta na papa-mummy se mujhe ek chhota bhai-bahen chahiye to tu nahi hoti." (You are in this work because of me. If I hadn't asked them for a baby sister-brother, you wouldn't have been here) And he walks off angrily.

Hearing this made me smile. I wanted to say something to Anirudh but then I stopped. Some things are better left unsaid.

Incident 3

Nishka has a big fascination with the fridge. The moment she figures out someone has opened the fridge she has to run and peep inside the fridge and try to even grab something out of it irrespective of whether its of use to her or not. It was like a treasure found and she would try and run away with it lest anyone takes it back from her. t

Few days ago our cook was putting something in the fridge and Nishka as always ran over and was observing her putting something in the fridge. Nishka pushed herself in between the cook and the fridge, re-adjusted the stuff that the cook had put and said "Isko aise nahi rakhte. Aise rakhte hain. OK?" (This is not how you put it. You put it this way.) And then closed the door herself. Our cook looked at me and we just smiled looking at this little dadi-amma giving out instructions.


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  1. what smart and amazing girl! Lots of love and puchchas from Preeti mausi!!