Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some more anecdotes

Noting down some more anecdotes for walk down the memory lane in the future -

It so happened that I asked Nishka if she was hungry by asking her "Kuchh khana hai?" and she said "Yes." and I gave her something to eat. So now if you ask her "ASre you hungry?" or "Bhukku lagi hai?" and she will respond "Yes. Kuchh khana hai." And when you ask "Kya khana hai?" she will say "Kuchh khana hai!". And you keep getting the same response from her over and over again till the time you are ready to pull your hair out trying to figure out what she wants to eat.

Nishka has learnt many a nursery rhymes and songs. But she will sing them only when she is in a mood. And when she is not in a mood and you ask her to sing something she will respond "Moje nahi aata!" in a very deep voice and a very serious expression.

It sounds so funny because "Moje" is socks in urdu.

She is very possessive of her stuff and in fact possessive over her Bhaiyyu's stuff as well. So much so that Anirudh has to fight for his own stuff. And this possessiveness stands good for her eats as well. If anybody takes even one bit of her portion, she will immediately prance over to the person and very angrily say "Muh se nikalo! Woh mera hai!"

One day her papa dear took a slice of guava from her plate. She was so upset over it that instead of saying her usual sentence, she kept looking at Anurag with such dismay and moist eyes looking so hurt. Since he was not able to understand the reason for this reaction he asked me as to what happened. And when I told hm that you took her slice of guava, she is angry and upset. So quickly papa dear went and hugged her saying sorry but that brought out such a big wail and opened the dam of tears. Only when one more guava was cut and she was given more of it that things got sorted out. And that's the time I instructed papa dear to first ask her if you can take or not before taking anything in future.

My day help is also picking up bits of English from my conversations with Nishku. So other day she was asking Nishka something and since Nishka was not responding she said "Tell! Tell!". Nishka turns to her and says "Aise nahi bolte! Aap bolo 'Tell me.'"


  1. it was such fun reading this blog post! She's a darling! And how smart. Looking forward to meeting her.

  2. I think I am finally beginning to understand the meaning of the saying: child is the father of man and add to it grandmother of all. True wisdom, dished out at the most opportune times :)