Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aap meri step mom ho?

This is the question I was asked couple of days ago by my dear little son Anirudh. Surprised? Even I was. So I asked him why do you ask this? He had a very simple answer to it "Kyunki aap mere se itna kaam karati ho. Aur step moms bachhon se bahut kaam karwati hain."

I was initially a little aghast at this statement but the moment I realized why he asked me this question I was really laughing away. It so happened that I was making him clear the mess of his toys when he made this statement in full seriousness.

But I didn't leave it there (but obvious..isn't it? :D) and I asked him who told him about step moms.

It seems in the school that day the story of Cinderella was narrated to them. And that story has a step mom who is very cruel to Cinderella and makes her work really really hard. And because of THAT story, I was asked THIS question.

Sigh..what do you say to this question and more so to this logic!!!!


  1. smart guy & oh so innocent. :)

  2. the stories sometimes have a negative effect too... they create a lot of stereo types specially the fairy tales

  3. oh you mean step mom type person! :p

    its crazy though how badly we think of stepmoms thanks to all the stories and movies!

    toh kaam kuch kam kiya ki nahi?! :p


  4. just like you once said that you don't like panchtantra stories, these Grimms fairy tales are also outdated and now a days many modernised versions are available. But, yes, a step mother will be step mother and if she is also mean, what to do. :)