Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reading sentences

Now that Anirudh's school is coming to the end of the nursery session and he knows the phonetics pretty well, he is able to read some basic words that they have been taught. The school calls it "sight" words. And now he can read sentences using these sight words. I didn't know this till I got this sheet to practice with him on a long weekend and he read them all correctly minus a few mix-ups. I was feeling so proud of him and rewarded him with a KitKat chocolate for reading so well.

Here is the picture displaying some of the sentences that he got as holiday homework. There were 20 sentences like these that he was to practice reading.

I can't describe how elated I was thinking "My son can read!!" :D


  1. This is great. I'll take a print out & see how Ansh manages. :)

  2. wow!!! good job...

    and i like the idea...

  3. Thats a bright idea! And thats how I felt when Aryan said 1-10, though he still doesnot know the meaning :P