Thursday, January 22, 2009


While driving on the way back to Delhi from Jaipur on Jan 19, Betu saw these buffaloes being transported in a truck. Our conversation:

Betu: "Yeh buffaloes truck mein kyun ja rahi hain?"
Me: "Kyunki jiski buffaloes hain, woh unhe kahin le ja raha hoga."

Betu: "Par truck mein to samaan le jaate hain. Inko kyun le ja raha hai?"
Me: "Truck mein saman ke alawa bhi le ja sakte hain."

Betu: "Hum logon ko bhi?"
Me: "Haan bilkul. Log bhi ja sakte hain"

Betu: "Par woh truck mein kyun ja rahi hain? Chal kar kyun nahi ja rahi?"
Me: "Unko door jana hoga isliye."

Betu: *no response and with the same amused expression on his face looking at the truck*


  1. :) u should have asked him ki woh car main kyon ja raha hai
    may be he would have got the point :) :)

  2. they have so many questions!!! :)

    it will just take too long for them to walk such distance and plus someone would have to walk with them too! :p



  3. Sometimes it's so difficult to respond to innocent queries.


  4. like the backdrop..greenery and temple on the top.

  5. sweet. curiosity is a good thing, na?

  6. You know these innocent questions sometimes set us thinking. Answering my kids has taught me to think about so many things i had taken for granted. Continue answering with this same patience, you'll surprise yourself.