Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Betu

You turned 8 today. 8 - That's a big number. You are really a big boy now. And when I look back I wonder how fast these 8 years have flown by. And this year is a special birthday for you as you have a baby sister too. I woke up today morning and left you sleeping next to each other. When I returned to the bedroom you both were awake and playing with each other. I just smiled. A really happy smile. And then I wished you and you wanted Nishku to give you a puchhi too. So I brought her lips to your cheek and she also kissed you a happy birthday. You were so happy. And coincidentally she babbled something to the sound of "Bhuu...gua.." And you happily declared that she also wished you happy birthday.

Seeing you so happy in the morning made me so happy too. And when I told you I had made your favourite aata halwa, you asked me "Kishmish daali hai na?" (You have added raisin also?") And when I said "yes" you were super happy. We offered the halwa first to bhagwanji and you sang the Gayatri mantra. And then relished the halwa. And then it was time for me to leave for work. With the promise of buying your gift and taking you out for a dinner, I left for work leaving you in a happy mood.

May you always be happy and healthy my jaan. We all love you loads!

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