Friday, March 16, 2012

I want papa!

Yesterday hubby came home quite late. And mostly he hold Nishka after freshening up. But yesterday I had to do something urgently and asked him to hold her for 5 min. When I came back and extended my arms to take Nishka back, she simply turned away from me. Me and hubby both were surprised. This is the first time she communicated so clearly about wanting to stay in her papa's arms. I was in a way happy to see the bond developing between them.

And she did another thing which surprised us. She would love to play with Anirudh and would always be happy whenever Anirudh would hold her. But not yesterday. She would start getting fussy the moment he would hold her. And Anirudh was feeling so sad about it. I tried to console him that maybe she is just cranky because of teething. But still he didn't buy that logic completely. But today morning Nishka was as playful with Anirudh like she is usually. So betu is happy again :)

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  1. OMG!Ananya is just the soon as Papa comes back,she doesnt want me or Aadya.. she has eyes only for Papa..I have stopped trying to call her as well :D