Friday, March 30, 2012

You are 6 months young!

As I write the post title, I actually calculated again using my fingers if its really been 6 months. It seems too soon. Really really soon. You were just born my darling. Where did the time fly?

You have been a really easy baby so far. *Touch wood*. And a happy one at that too. It just brightens up my morning to see you giving me your bug happy smiles the moment you wake up. And then I forgive you for not letting me sleep well through the night :D Although mostly you sleep for good 5 hours at a stretch but there are days when you toss and turn and are fussy every 1.5-2 hours.

You had started rolling both ways since a month now. But there was a big pause until a few days ago. If we would lay you down on your tummy, you would instantly roll over to your back. Now you have again started to roll on your tummy. And now you even try to scoot a bit forward but start whining as you are not able to.

I made rice kheer for you in the evening and you relished it sitting in Dadu's lap with Dadu feeding you. You liked it but we gave only two spoonfuls as we felt the milk might be too heavy for you to digest especially after the severe dysentery that you had suffered from a week back. That was one horrifying episode for me which I would rather forget.

You had been quite fussy at milk times and were generally cranky. You were running slight fever since March 22 night. Next day on March 23 we took you to the doc and he said most likely it seems its viral but he still wanted us to keep a watch and take a urine sample. In the afternoon when you pooped and I opened your diaper to change, I saw red. Not little bit but huge amounts. My head started to spin. I was not sure what I was seeing is true. I switched on the lights and again saw. I still didn't want to believe what was in front of my eyes. I called your Dadu. And I asked him if he also thinks its blood. I so wanted someone to tell me that no it isn't blood. Your whole diaper was red.

I was crying while cleaning you up. I immediately called the doc and he gave me a medicine name and asked us to start it immediately and to bring you over in the evening. Your Dadu immediately went down and brought the medicine. You were so cranky and fussy and I kept holding you in my arms. It took one day before blood stopped coming in your poop. And till today your motion isn't back to what it used to be. But seeing you happy and back to your normal mood I'm not worrying much.

Some things that I would like to note down are:

 - When we make you sit, you are able to sit for about 20-30 seconds before you start to topple over. With back support you can sit for longer.

 - You have a few of your favourite toys. One pink teddy bear is actually from the time when your Bhaiyyu was as young as you are now. And the other two have been gifted to you by Preeti Mausi.

 - You have been teething since about 2 weeks now and we bought a teether for your yesterday which you really enjoy chewing on to.

 - You love it when we sit you in a stroller and take you around in the house itself.

 - You have been playing a game since you were about 4 months. I would make you sit on my thigh with your leg touching the bed. And you would start swaying yourself by pressing your legs on the bed. You just love this game till date. And now you sometimes keep bouncing sitting on my leg. Its so cute to see you making games for yourself.

Grow up well my jaan.

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